Help! Magazine Monthly Model Contest…

04 Sep

Help! Magazine is a new and upcoming magazine in second life that highlights events and interview professionals in many different areas of SL. Help! Magazine believes Second Life is not just a game, but an International Social Networking Community. They are also committed to assisting the many charitable organizations who have an SL presence with a RL focus.

Help! Magazine is also committed to celebrating not only out beauty, but inner beauty as well. The winner of the contest must have a willing and open spirit to helping those in need. He/She must be willing to help a worthy charity meet their Mission Statement. The winner will be selected by a panel of judges, there is no fee to enter the contest.


1. Feature on the Cover of Help! Magazine.
2. Feature in a 4 page spread in Help! Magazine featuring exclusive designs by Aleida.
3. Receive a Modeling Portfolio (up to 6 pictures) provided by Jarck’s & Champerz Photography Studio.
4. Exclusive (only one pair in SL) shoes from 24 Shoo Shoes
5. L$ 1,000 gift certificate from .: Naive :.
6. Receive 3,000 Cash Prize
7. Plus more Exclusive prizes to be announced!


1. Contestants must be a member of Help! Magazine Group.
2. Deadline Submission is September 5, 2009
3. Must submit 3 photos: 1 Head shot, 1 Full body (or 3/4), and 1 picture of yourselves taken on the Karuna Sim (wearing an outfit from *Aleida*. Can also be shoes, shirt, or dress.)
4.  Rename the Application to: The Help! Magazine Model Contest – [your name]
5. Photoshop and image re-touching are allowed. You are strongly encouraged to utilize the services of a photography professional.

Please copy and past the following information and answer the questions completely before turning it into Kaitlin Peccable only.

*Note: Winners will be featured in one issue and will not be under any contract. By submitting this entry the model and photographer are granting Help! Magazine full permission rights to the images submitted. Failure to follow these rules may result in disqualification. Help! Magazine reserves the right to disqualify contestants based on what may be viewed as rude or inappropriate conduct.

Copy from this line to a Notecard.



SL Rezz Date:

Model Experience (If none, that is ok):

Experience (Other than modeling):

Volunteer Experience (SL or RL, if none, that is ok):

Why do you want to be featured in Help! Magazine:

Have you visited Karuna Sim:

If chosen the winner, how can you help Karuna fulfill it’s mission (please be as creative and specific as possible):

If chosen the winner, are you willing to work closely with the Sim/Library Coordinator to assist with Events, Fund raisers, and Volunteer Drives throughout the month of September:

If chosen the winner, are you willing to commit a minimum of 10 hours out of the month to this important work:

If chosen the winner, what unique experiences/skills (SL or RL) can you utilize to help Karuna (please do not use any “identifying” information, just mention job/volunteer titles and duties):

Please Paste Pictures here:

Good luck to everyone that chooses to enter.

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