High Fashion Rebel without a Cause…

05 Sep

LeeZu4I personally believe that all women have a bit of sex kitten in them. You know what I mean girls- the sexy, sensual side that loves nothing more than to dress in those short skirts or shorts, thigh contouring pants, and cute tops that show just a HINT of midriff. If you haven’t had the urge then you are long overdue! I came across this one outfit in one my many jaunts across the second life fahion grid and despite the cost (L$ 600 or so I believe) I just couldn’t resist and decided it was high time I splurge a little on myself. Having a budget is fine and dandy and even neccessary if you don’t want to find yourself in debt, but every now and again a girl just has to let go and live a little. Buy one of those amazingly high priced pumps you’ve been dying to try on for ages! You saved your buns off and it’s time to reap the rewards.

Now on to this nice little number here! This is LeeZu!’s Au revoir de Sade Jacket coupled with her Zlema Black Hotpants. Now, these are two separate items that I felt looked fabulous together. It gave that mysterious and haute couture look while adding to the sex kitten within me. I love showing off my legs and and sometimes even my midriff when the time calls for it- bikinis, lingerie, and other unmentionables. [Giggles] This outfit fit my style perfectly. It has a bit of eccentric essence to it that I just absolutely love and adore! As you can see the jacket has perfectly designed and detailed prims for the color and latches that closes the collar around my neck. Not only are the prims beautifully detailed but so is the fabric of the jacket itself. It’s patterend as you can see and comes in a variety of colors that one can choose from when purchasing including black, tan, red, and so much more. And this jacket is not just for women but men as well! With every purchase you get a male and female version of the jacket- why she decided to sell it this way I will never know but it’s certainly nice to see that she has a nice selection for men as well. So guys don’t be afraid to show off those six packs! You definitely earned it after all those nights at the gym! The hotpants are scandalously short, which appealed to the rebel inside of me right away. The detailing on the front of the pants are impeccable and I can’t say I have seen better craftsmanship thus far as with LeeZu!’s designs. Definitely an outfit that has recieved my firm and happy seal of approval!

Be sure to visit us in-world at MPI Model Management.


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