Positively Overwhelming…

05 Sep

LeeZu2In one of my many jaunts across the countless shopping districts littering the second life grid that caters to the numerous other fashion addicts like myself, I came across an outfit that simply stole my breath away the moment my eyes gazed upon it. It was sleek, chic, and truly fashionable. It had a flair to it that just screamed high quality and the prims that went along with the dress were well placed and didn’t overwhelm the outfit as one might think upon first glance. I’m talking about LeeZu’s Natascha Black Flexi Dress. This dress was simple yet had a touch of sass and style that was undeniable to even the most critical fashionista and fashion critique! The dress is modifiable of course so that you can adjust the prims to better fit and suit your avatar shape and contours. I was worried that the skirt would be a bit to short to wear along with my avatar- one of my shapes is tall with long legs- but the worry was completely unfounded!

LeeZu3The shoulder prims look as if they may overpower the outfit and make it look cheap and tacky rather than simple and chic but once on your avatar and stylized with the right hair and a few simple accessories and shoes, or maybe knee high black boots, it looks simply wonderful. It flatters my shape by drawing attention to my small waist and the shortness of the skirt shows off my legs beautifully without being vulgar or having any touch of the “tramp look”. I decided to dress it up with some nice heels by Annex and, as you can see, I’m ready for a night on the town with some girlfriends or with a special date at a nice and classy restaurant.

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