Miss *LA* Beauty Contest

07 Sep

Miss LA Beauty is a female model competition in which you will be judged in print, live and runway modeling. This competition is based on five judges who are established in the modeling and fashion industries of second life and their identities will remain anonymous.

If you are selected to be in the “Top 25”, you get a spot in the LA Designs Blog and at the end of the contest there will be 3 winners but only one will take home the title of Miss LA Beauty!

The Timeline:

September photo theme: Shopping

Entry Deadline: September 12, 2009 @ 12PM SLT

Top 25 will be announced: September 13, 2009

Fashion Show Date: September 25, 2009 @ 3pm SLT

Winner Announcement: September 30, 2009

How to Enter:

  1. Make 2 photos in LA Designs clothing (1 full body & 1 Headshot).
  2. Name the photos “Your Name – Headshot” and “Your Name – Full”
  3. Create a notecard and tell us in a short paragraph why you enjoy being a model and why you want to be Miss LA Beauty – please be honest. Also describe exactly what you are wearing in the photos (i.e. skin, hair, clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc)
  4. Create a folder and name it “Miss LA Beauty- Your Name”
  5. Put both photos and the notecard (all full perm)  into the folder before turning it into Leah Oskar.


  1. You must be wearing clothing of LA Designs (Tops & pants or an outfit (accessories allowed)
  2. Photos, notecard, and folder have to be named correctly or they will be discarded.
  3. You need to be in the LA Designs Update group.
  4. You can enter multiple times but each entry has to be in a different outfit from LA Designs.


1st Place:

  1. L$ 10,000 cash prize.
  2. 1 Adorned Shape Shack Jewelry set (with Tiara)
  3. 1 Trophy by Spaci Allen
  4. 1 Photography package of 15 photos by Amanda Hinchcliffe
  5. A place on the LA Designs Wall of Fame
  6. A place on the LA Designs webpage
  7. 5 LA Design Skins of your Choice
  8. Spot in Infinite Magazine

2nd Place:

  1. L$ 2,000 cash prize
  2. 1 Tiara by Adorned Shape Shack Jewelry
  3. 1 Trophy by Spaci Allen
  4. 1 Photography package of 10 photos by Amanda Hinchcliffe
  5. A place on LA Designs Webpage
  6. 2 LA Designs Skins of your Choice

3rd Place:

  1. 1 Tiara by P&M Designs Fine Jewelry
  2. 1 Trophy by Spaci Allen
  3. A place on LA Designs Webpage
  4. 1 LA Designs skin of your choice


LA Designs by Leah Oskar

Adorned Shape Shack Jewelry

(Only available on SL Exchange)

P&M Designs Fine Jewelry

The Other Modeling Agency

Amanda Hinchliffe Photography

Infinite Magazine


Be sure to visit us in-world at MPI Model Management.

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