Fashion Addict's Paradise

08 Sep

As anyone who has read any of my previous posts on this blog, it’s obvious that I can be quite cautious with my meager amount of Lindens unless I see something that is amazingly high quality and something I just can’t live without. As a female I know that there are many women who say that on a daily basis every time they walk past a store but I probably only do such things twice a week, three times at the most! [Grins] So I was browsing around and searching for more top design stores as I like to do when I’m in a bored and lazy mood when I came across Le.Look, an amazing mall that has it all- menswear, women’s wear, dresses, skirts, casuals, accessories, jewelry, etc. Now I know what you may be thinking, how does this mall differ from the thousands of malls that litter the grid with their many vendors that populate it? Well this is a model and fashion addict’s paradise and I don’t say that lightly! It had everything that one might need to update their wardrobe with some new stylish choice pieces that would just put your fashion senses over the edge.

When I teleported into the mall I was stunned with the entire look of the mall. It was chic, modern, clean, stylish and everything that I could wish for in a shopping center. The style, layout, and detail made me want to stay there upon hours and hours just looking at the stores, not the clothes mind you but the stores alone! But after I picked my tongue off the ground and rolled it back into my mouth I set out to take a look at this magical new world and what all that it had to offer and I’m so glad I wasn’t disappointed. Store after store held the names of Second Life’s top designers such as [LeeZu!], Vista Animations (model poses galore), LeLutka, Aoharu, Calypso Giano, :ROZOREGALIA:, and so much more. This is a place of utter temptation for those that are really in need of rehab. [Laughs] It’s also not for those that are tight with their budget but I believe there is always a time to let loose, just don’t let it put you in the hole! I will admit that I left with arms laden with bags upon bags of purchases from my “window shopping” ventures and while I may regret it later, instant gratification can be wonderful! It’s a place I recommend to both men and women to check out and enjoy. Be sure to take a friend along to be the voice of reason when you get the urge to make that wallet/purse cry! [Laughs]

Be sure to visit us in-world at MPI Model Management.


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