Studio Nails Spokesmodel Contest

08 Sep

Studio Nails is proud to announce its first ever Spokesmodel Contest.   This contest is unique to SL as it is NOT a popularity contest, but a real talent search with a real winner qualified to do the job.  If you think you have what it takes, please read the rules and entry procedure below.


Top Finalist:

A 3 month contract as the Studio Nails Spokes model and  $L5,000 cash!

Jewelry from SR Fine Jewelry worth over $L750

Jewelry from Gems&Kisses worth L$1500

Fat Pack of Gowns from Bliss Couture

About $L10K in cash and prizes!

Runner up:

$L500 gift card from Studio Nails

$L1000 gift card from Desire Skins

$1000 Gift Card from MyPrecious

Jewelry from SR Fine Jewelry worth over $L500

Third Place:

$L250 gift card from Studio Nails

Apparel from Ovation Designs

Jewelry from SR Fine Jewelry worth over $L500

Contest Rules and Procedure:


1.Must be at least 30 days old with excellent skin, hair, clothes etc.

2.  Must have a basic knowledge of fashion in SL and modeling experience would be a plus.

3. Only one entry per model.

4. Must be fluent in English since appearances made in SL will require some chat (voice chat is not required).

5. Must be available for special appearances, which will be announced well in advance and with prior knowledge of the Spokesmodel’s schedule.  If the First Place Winner cannot attend appearances, then the Second Place Winner would assume her position and the Third Place if Second Place cannot attend.


Entry fee is $L100 paid once your notecard is accepted and you are invited to join the Spokes-model group.  Once you are contacted, you have 24 hours to join the group (by invitation only) and pay the entry fee.  If your entry is not complete, someone will contact you to correct any missing or wrong information.   If your entry is not corrected timely, your entry will be discarded.

1.  Submit a notecard  (rename the notecard—Spokesmodel-(your name) with your full SL  name, SL age, RL age (must be at least 18 in rl) and a short description about why you would make the perfect Studio Nails Spokesmodel.  Please also note if you are affiliated with any modeling agencies (with graduation date), any experience you may have and any other languages you speak, if any.  Please keep the notecards brief.

2. In the notecard, please place 2 recent pictures.  One can be of yourself in anyway you like-no nudity please.  The second picture should be a close up of your hands wearing Studio Nails (basic set for $L10 here )  The Judges will be looking at creativity of pictures.  So have fun with it.  These do NOT need to be professional but they do need to be creative!

3. Once your notecard is complete, send it either to Belle Vultee. Someone will contact you to let you know you have successfully entered the contest.

4.  No more entries will be accepted after September 30, 2009 at 10pm SLT

5. On October 7, 2009 10 finalists will be chosen.  Those finalists will move on to the main event where they will be judged on poise, their speaking ability (no voice chat is required) and appearance.  Remember, those finalists will be representing Studio Nails at upcoming events so please be aware you must be wearing them if you are a finaiist!


October 16, 2009 the big SpokesModel Finalist Competition will be held!

This is NOT a popularity contest, however we would love it if your friends would come out and show their support if you are chosen as one of the 10 finalists.    Remember, as a spokesmodel at upcoming Studio Nails events, it is important to bring those friends for support!

A panel of 3 SL celebrity judges, including the owner of Studio Nails, Anastasia Magic, will do the judging. Judges’ names will NOT be revealed until the finalists are chosen.  Studio Nails is looking for the real deal here, ladies, so please be sure this is a position you want to have before entering.  This is a JOB.

How the judges will be scoring our finalists will be given to every finalist prior to the event so that she can prepare.  In the event of a very close tie, Anastasia Magic, the owner of Studio Nails, will pick our winner.  Please do not IM Ms. Magic.

All judges’ decisions are final.

Please be aware, your creativity and ability to keep the crowd interested in our product is a must.  Please read all the information given to you with the Studio Nails package.  You may need to explain how to use the product if you become our Spokesmodel.

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