Diversity Hair…so diverse!

11 Sep

diversitykayI was finally able to find the hair I have been searching for for ages, or at least something that looked similar enough and I was ecstatic. It also went along with my newest find which I will go into detail in my next post. This is just devoted to the diversity of hairstyles from…? You guessed it! Diversity Hair! Okay, now as any great model knows that the more hairstyles you have- the more variety you have of ANYTHING really- the better off you will be for upcoming jobs so why not go get a new style twice a week? Did I mention that the hair found here are only L$ 100?? You aren’t wearing rose colored glasses, unless you are then well…..okay. I did say L$ 100!

Diversity1Diversity2Despite the various high quality items I was a bit disappointed in some of the male hair that decorated the walls. On one hairstyle it didn’t look as up to standard as some of the other hair. The swoop bang across one hairstyle was pretty much out of place on the entire style but there were other styles that I loved for males!


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