Take up the Challenge!

11 Sep

Well today was Model Workshop’s great Model Challenge and what a rush that was! I have to say that when I first got to the workshop runway I was nervous as all get out about what the review would be on my clothing, style, walk, pose, basically everything I did would be put under a microscope for all the world to see, judge and comment If you do not know what I’m talking about let me refresh your short term memories. Model Workshop recently threw out the gauntlet for all models in an impromptu Model Challenge to be met and I being the adventurous and rebellious spirit that I am just had to respond and take on the call. I thought it would be a marvelous opportunity for all models both established and aspiring new ones. I thought that others would see it for the rare and wonderful chance it was and take it on but sadly only a few heeded the call and decided to take them up on their challenge.

The challenge was that we were to pick out our own outfits, accessorize it, create a description and coordinate our walking routine and poses. I probably spent as much time finding the perfect runway look as I would do for any high fashion and high quality designer in Second Life and I was proud the minute I walked down that runway although lag tried it’s best to push me head first off the runway and into the cheering crowd but I prevailed! Afterward when I was standing in front of my adoring *coughs* audience my heart pounded in anticipation of their review and opinions on my preparations but I worried needlessly. They were all constructive and polite in their opinions of my look and runway walk. This is definitely a workshop and event that I hope will happen a lot more in the future and I encourage one and all to get involved next time as well!

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Posted by on September 11, 2009 in Events, Fashion Shows


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