Ranena Olivier Couture

12 Sep

Well another day and another dollar spent on the usual clothes, shoes, hair, accessories, basically anything that my eyes landed on. I know what everyone is thinking right about now if any of you have read any of my previous posts and articles: “This lady has serious issues and needs some professional help. preferably a shrink that specializes in shopaholic syndrome because she’s about to go into shopping spree meltdown.” But NO I am not as shopping crazed as I may seem to the average reader, I’m more what is commonly called a fashion addict and I can assure you all that I don’t have a problem.

Now enough of my digressing! It’s time to talk about something that is sure to convert even the most stingiest and budgeting female on the Second Life grid into a overspending shopaholic – or fashion addict. I was recently perusing several second life blogs when I came across a designer who’s photos just urged me to pop over and check out the her designs in person! Ranena Olivier Couture is classy, chic and oh so elegant that I just couldn’t resist and I’m sure others fell into the same rabbit hole!

Ivory_001The outfit that sent me over to her shop was her Ivory pant outfit which was so luscious and the style was clean, sensual while being conservative and dressy at the same time. I’ve never been a ball gown type- lags me WAY too much- but I love to get dressed up for a romantic night on the town with some unnamed sweety just as much as the next girl and I don’t want to crash while doing it. Wearing a huge and heavy ballgown is a sure way to get the boot from SL but Ranena’s Ivory pant outfit is a great alternative to those that have the same problem I do. I will also be the first to admit that I’ve never been a pants type of girl in second life. My friends- and fans [coughs]- will usually find me in some type of skirt, whether dressy or casual it never really matters. I wear pants all the time in RL and being in second life I love wearing the skirts that I could never pull off in RL as I’m sure many other women- and men- do. The lace on the chest and the ruffles around the arms gives the pant suit a much needed softening which makes it perfect for romantic evenings.

Jessica_001Another dress that caught my attention- although sadly I could not buy it with my meager left over lindens- was the Jessica dress. Not sure why it’s just called “Jessica” because the name doesn’t seem as if it’s quite big enough for the dress itself. When looking at the dress you never think, “Oh that gown just screams ‘Jessica’!” So I have to question what was in the designers mind when this creation came to her. Perhaps the dress was a custom job for some important customer or this “Jessica” was the all important inspiration for this design. Either way it just doesn’t suit. But again I digress so allow me to get back on track! The dress just screams natural sexuality and red hot passion that cannot be tamed. This is an outfit that you wear when you are out on the prowl and ready to pick up your unsuspecting prey. This is a designer that I just HAVE to recommend to all fashion conscious females prowling and stalking those poor designers. [Laughs] Enjoy girls!

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