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14 Sep

BusinessThe Outfit: Nicky Ree’s Daria Jacket Suit in red, Diamond Pendant Necklace from Armidi, Armidi’s The short V hairstyle.

As a businesswoman in Second Life it’s important for me to house the sensual sex kitten and bring out the strong, conservative female. But as I looked around for nice suits that showed my femininity and made me look capable I didn’t see any that really suited to my style or the look I wanted to go for so I housed the suit search for a while. That was until Nicky Ree came out with her newest collection, which she released two days ago.

I probably wouldn’t have bought this outfit if it had been in any other color because while the design and quality of the fabric is fabulous, the red of it just puts it in the bag for me. I was on the fence on whether I should wait to see if there was something more but I realized soon enough that this was a deal that I had to jump on before the prices rose or that it was taken out of stock. [Laughs]

Besides the color of the jacket, the detail on the prims drew me as well and encouraged me to break out my purse to shell out the cash for this great suit. The fabric is intricately designed with various styles but more notably is the different modes of stripes running through it which adds to the texture. The buttons look as if they are pure rubies surrounded by a beautiful frame of black that keeps it simple and doesn’t take away from the overall feel of the dress. The swoop pockets were fabulous and not much is needed with this outfit except a black bag or suitcase and a simple jewelry to keep within the style.

Now this beautifully created suit is not the only creation that was debuted. There were several others that caught my eye and nearly got my purse if my common sense didn’t come by and slap me upside the head!

This outfit immediately caught my eye after I was able to drag myself away from my new and shiny suit. I can see a bit of the fall season in it with the beautifully layered skirt, which gives it a soft flowing feel and that has always been what fall was to me. It’s a lazy part of the year where things are transitioning and changes are taking place gradually with soft yet vibrant colors.  While the color seems a bit more spring to my eyes the design is definitely of a fall nature and this is a dress I think should occupy every fashionable girl’s inventory for a romantic ballroom evening with that special loved one.

Now I am a firm believer and staunch supporter of Designs by Nicky Ree. Let’s face it, anyone who has ever had the pleasure of walking through her store and browsing her numerous elegantly created designs would all agree I’m sure. If they don’t then they probably don’t like formal attire or have no fashion sense whatsoever. But I digress, I love her designs but there were one or two in her newest collection that made me wonder, “What the heck inspired this?!” That’s not to be rude but some of them just reminded me of some Halloween custom that someone decided to wear to a ball, or a long ago prom dress that someone tried to dress up and take to the red carpet. I won’t deny that the intricate designs on these outfits or the it’s high quality and attention to detail is fabulous and without question. But I will say that it’s not something I see anyone buying and taking to the VMAs. Compared to her other work this dress just doesn’t measure up to her usual standards and ingenuity. Do I seem harsh? I can tell you it’s certainly not as harsh as I could be so I suppose that’s something to be happy about. I just have one question about this outfit: “What were you thinking Nicky Ree??”

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