Tripping into Fall…

14 Sep

SemiCasualThe Outfit: Armidi’s Gisaci Classic Boucle Ash Sweater, Journey Tweed Slacks, Plum Mimi Coat from LeLutka, Au Di Leather Belt, Athena Pearl earrings from Caroline, Diamond Pendant Necklace (Armidi), Armidi’s Daila Pump, and Zuri from Diversity Hair.

The fall season is here and summer wear is out so it was about time for me to get into the mood of things by going out to spice up my wardrobe with a few choice items that just screamed Autumn and Fall. It took me a while to find these pieces or rather to find pieces that fit together so well- two days to be exact [laughs]- but I pulled it off in record time I think. At times I can take up to weeks to complete a new look because I can never make up my mind and am always flipping back and forth to make the best possible look with what I have. As a model I’m very nearly always broke- yes you heard me. Models are broke. We do not make bank in this industry and if I popped your bubble then I guess it’s for the best so that you didn’t walk around with those misguided delusions anymore. But back to my shopping hunt of the past few days.

I’m not a fall type of person, never have been really and I couldn’t tell you why. Maybe it’s the small subtleties of this  period in the season that I didn’t understand on how to incorporate with my own style. I’m not very subtle but I figured it was time to learn something new. I’m an extremist to the core- hot or cold, sad or happy, loving or hating your guts [although I rarely hate people. hehe]- so the fall fashions took me time to learn and to catch on. Yes that’s right; This fashion diva you see before you didn’t know diddly squat about fall fashion sense or how to work this season and it was something I had to learn. So to all those that say that a sense of fashion is something you’re born with well I can tell you here and now that you’re wrong. Women do serious research into their outfits and it’s tiring to hear men and even some women say that they just can’t do it. It’s not that they can’t, it’s that they won’t put the time and effort into it. It can take me days to pick out one outfit and then the small pieces like jewelry, hair and shoes to complete it. So if you think you have no fashion, don’t be discouraged lovelies; there’s hope for you yet!

I knew that I wanted to go for a fall look and I decided not to look at other fashion blogs or talk to anyone else and test myself on whether or not I could pull it off from the things I have learned thus far in this industry. I think I did pretty well to be honest! I started off with a nice pair of slacks- I knew that I wanted to have a dressy casual look that didn’t involve me twirling in a skirt so I found these wonderfully detailed slacks from Armidi. While I was there I decided to take a look around and see what inspiration I could come up with from the various designs painting the walls- or rather the website in my case (I HATE Armidi lag- I compare it to the anti-christ. hehe). As I browsed around I came across this great Ash sweater that hit the tweed slacks just right. I was tempted to go with a gold tone to match the shoes I had in mind but I couldn’t find a toned down version of the one they had so I went with this. The shirt was a bit high waisted but coupled with the belt to hide that little misfortune and a crisis was diverted. [Grins]

Now that I had the basics of my look it was time to head out and add the final details that would just completely make the look. I looked through their jackets but couldn’t find anything that really suit so I moved on to the smaller details. And that’s when I came across these marvelous gold pumps that I just had to have- mainly because I need to update my shoe inventory and it went perfectly with the image I was trying to replicate in my mind. The necklace is a casual piece and the silver matches the color of my hair band. After hours and half a day of searching I came across this beautifully designed coat from LeLutka and I had completed my goal. This is a great look to kick off the fall season and you could even add a nice black or gold purse to it to cap everything off and give it a bit extra flavor.

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