Dress for the Job You Want…

17 Sep

As some have you may have read in a previously written post of mine, I am a businesswoman with the emphasis on woman. I know the politically correct term would be businessperson but I always liked the distinction between men and women and while I can understand the need to blend them together and take away any classifying or identifying features or characteristics I also enjoy being a woman so have no plans on stopping anytime soon. Now as a professional woman in SL there are times that I have to don the traditional blue pinstripe suit with a nice clean bob and practical pumps. It’s hard to be taken seriously if I’m sitting in a business meeting or interview wearing my neko outfit or a barely there dress that is two shakes away from revealing my non-intellectual assets to everyone within camming distance. I do find it sad that there are some people who don’t take the time to put themselves together for a business luncheon or interview. I mean how can you honestly talk about how professional and capable you are when you’re wearing a tell and ears with light up shoes or a pair of shorts and sandals? Would you hire yourself dressed like that? Don’t be biased and answer honestly.

But seeing as this is second life the usual social norms that are held up to standard in RL are relaxed a lot more. Why would you want to dress up for a virtual job? It’s not as important as a RL one so it shouldn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter that the person trying to hire me is shelling out RL USD and paying me for my performance and professionalism. [rolls eyes here] I have seen physical presentation- appearance- make and break deals and job opportunities for many a SLer. Hell I have fired and refused to hire people based just on how they came to the interview. And let me mention that this all happened OUTSIDE the fashion and modeling industry. If it’s that bad in an average job outside of fashion just imagine how more intense it is here. I learned first hand as a model but I also learned what it was like from the corporate standpoint when I helped an old friend get his agency up and running. We would talk about how he got clients and I saw how meticulous he was with not only his appearance but the appearance of his office. Every piece and every outfit was carefully chosen and considered before he bought it or wore it for a certain occasions and that made me respect what other agency owners do and how much thought they really do put behind their business and how they are seen by the public.

I have also seen some girls come to casting so ill prepared it made me wince just to watch them walk down the runway with badly chosen poses to fit the outfit they were wearing, attachments that needed editing, a walk that was as old as SL itself and so much more. Now this may be due to their inexperience in the fashion world and can be excused somewhat because I do know how hard it is to get started with everyone so busy that they can’t spare a moment or two to hand out a bit of kind and constructive advice to new models. I try to give a bit of help when I can without sounding rude or snobbish, although it’s hard- not because I am but because you have to choose your words extremely carefully so as not to bruise some very fragile egos. I always wondered how the egos here could be so fragile but so large but I suppose that is one of those things that will remain a mystery throughout time.

You may see this post as another of my lunatic rants or lectures but it’s not. I like to inform people and give them advice and tips as much as I can. You cannot imagine how many small things we take for granted within second life without realizing it or understanding why. Why do we feel that because this is a virtual world that our words of committment mean less than those made in real? I’m sure many of you know what I speak of when I mention this. You’ll make an appointment or you’ll commit to a rehearsal when you’re not as sure of your availability as you let on and then suddenly what you were HOPING wouldn’t interfere finally does on the big  day of the show and you leave them one model short. Real comes first, we all have heard this mantra several times before and I, myself, use it on a daily basis. I make sure that through whatever committment that I make in anything on second life that they know that it will always come first. But that doesn’t mean that I do not try to be there on time and do my best to make my deadline. I just hate to see when a person is 1 hour late and completely unapologetic that they have inconvenienced an entire room of people by their absence. They look around and wonder why people begrudge them and mutter obscenities under their breaths; I have never done such a thing [coughs] but I have seen it.

So be sure to take the time out of your schedule to get truly prepared when doing business in second life. This may be a virtual world but it deserves the same quality and thought you would give in any other business in real. It may take an  hour- in my case two [laughs] but it all pays off in the end when your reputation begins to preceed you for your quality performance and appearance. I’ll off with two sayings and while they may be cliched they are very true and carry enough wisdom to rival yoda. “People don’t hire a resume, they are hiring you through your ability to present yourself. If that weren’t true then we wouldn’t really need interviews would we?”

Dress for the job you want, not the one you are applying for!

This has been your local friendly reminder and informational broadcast. We are now returning to your normal broadcast station. Have a great day!

[Be sure to visit us in-world at MPI Model Management]


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