The Eccentric Sophisticate

18 Sep

SophisticatedSo now that I have given a long overdue lecture on important business practices in keeping up your appearance let me loosen up. [pulls off her tweed jacket and puts an a shiny new pair of pink shades] What? I did say I was going to get loose! [laughs] As you can see from the photo above I got a brand new suit to spice up my professional wardrobe. As a professional female in the fashion industry it’s expected that one has to have impeccable taste, style and fashion sense. For some this may seem a bit over the top in the way of a suit but to others it could be just the right amount of pizzazz without tripping over into garish and obscenely ostentatious. As you can see from evidence that it has found a very cozy- albeit tight [had to practically force the sucker in there!- home in my inventory.

Let me tell you how much this outfit from Beauty Avatar caught my eye. I hate pink and I don’t mean a mild distaste or just not my preference although both of those could apply to what I think of the color but I HATE pink. So on a normal basis this outfit would’ve gotten nothing but my disdain and an upturned nose as I walked right past it and probably into a wall or door (hard to watch where you’re going while your nose is stuck in the air. I should know, tried!) But this outfit got my attention right away which is probably what it was meant to do since it is quite a loud color all on it’s own. But coupled with the design of it, it fit perfectly and wasn’t as terrible as you would think upon first glance. It took me a few minutes to looking at it to finally understand the point of view the designer was coming from when they created this marvelous piece. Allow me to explain: The color alone is a bold choice and I think anything that was even bolder would’ve just ruined the entire look that the designer was going for. But this one is just right. The design and cut of the suit is both simple and unique in the fact that the huge black buttons adds some great contrast to this already interesting design. The cut is simple and shows off my figure to perfection, short skirts to highlight my legs (always a good feature for any skirt- a must really) and the stockings add something extra to the mix. Now you can go with or without the stockings; I just wore them so that you may get the full effect of this suit and enjoy it as it was meant to be enoyed. I actually like to stockings as it gives this already clean design a rebel feel to it. It flouts the traditional suit, puts a spin on it and makes it creative and unique while staying within the bounds of good taste and style.

If you’re not into the suit and tie or the usual pinstripe pencil skirt and suit jacket maybe this will appeal to the rebel and creative genius in you- I know it did for me. Some earrings, a nice black handbag, popping shoes, or some awesome large framed shades completes the look to a T. Enjoy ladies!

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