Just any Other Day?

21 Sep

Valentine Tan; Deviant Prim Lashes; Leezu BritPants- Black; Deviant Kitties Grunt Display; Caroline’s Athena Pearls in White”]Leezu!!Who said that you have to cover up for fall? I know I sure didn’t! I was sitting at home the other day, hot as hell and annoyed with the fact that my clothes kept getting in the way. [no I didn’t end up taking it all off tyvm.] Prims are a marvelous thing, especially on an outfit as it can add class, style and just that extra bit of something that other layer-only outfits seem to lack. I love them to death except when the designer ends up creating an outfit only a stick could squeeze their bony behinds into [not all us are a size -10 you know!]. But I’m digressing- again- so let me get back to my point. I was sitting around, annoyed with my oh-so-new and shiny outfit [the product of another successful fashion venture I might add!] when I decided to risk my perfectly proportioned pixels [yes my pixels are perfect!] in a war against the lag to take a peek at my favorite designer’s store- LeeZu! Yes I know what some of you may be thinking: I’ve nearly built a virtual and blogging shrine to her designs but I’m here to tell you about fashion and quality and these designs ARE quality soooooo…’ll just have to get over it!

Anyhoo, I was battling the lag when- wouldn’t you know it!- I ran smack damn into a huge wall and fell flat on my behind. After collecting my wits and spare change before the crazy hobos could attack, I got up to curse the wall and everything else in that store. Why in the world do they make everything high rez nowadays?! Don’t you all know that not all of us- the vast majority actually- do not have super computers that we hand-built! I can barely get my email open without causing a major meltdown on my computer, and no it’s not old, I’m just bad. [laughs] So there I was, taking a breath to spew some major hate on that sadistic prim they like to call a wall when I saw it! It was magical, pure heaven! My eyes glazed over- yes there was definitely some glaze-age going on- and my mouth started to water (I just thank god I didn’t start drooling.) It was LeeZu’s Margo Jacket and I was bowled over, I’m not quite sure how I missed this- probably on one of those day I was walking through a sea of grey because my graphics card had gone on strike and refused to help rez anything on my screen! But as they say, it was better late than never!

The minute I saw this outfit an entire look came to me in a dream, okay it was during my hallucinating mushroom moments but all the same it came to me! I was in shock and in pleasure at this look and decided that it was a sign that I had to create it as soon as possible. Wouldn’t you believe it that it took me all of three days to find everything I needed to style this outfit. Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it? Well it’s not. I typically spend quite a time just LOOKING for things to fit a style and not saving up for the actual outfit. I chose small things with red highlights to accentuate my skin and give it that great goth/punk feel.

On this quest I wanted to punk it up and go with something that was so unconventional it would make even the most hardcore conservative stand up and say “I need that look!” because isn’t that what selling clothes and designs is all about? Now there were several ways I could’ve taken it- a nice classic look or this style. I was in writers block mode so I tried to go out of the box to get my juices flowing and I think I succeeded rather beautifully!

[Be sure to visit us in-world at MPI Model Management]

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