Every Model is Their Own Stylist

22 Sep

I had an epiphany today to share my tips, tricks, hints, etc on styling (not fashion) and shopping. As a model you soon become an experienced shopper but there are those new, aspiring models out there that may need an extra boost, hint, or guidance. As many have stated over the years and in many publications, modeling does not make you bank- not unless you start entering contests and winning them all. You’ll find yourself shelling out more money than getting getting it in profits so you do it for the enjoyment and pleasure of showing off those new designs. You get the first peek at a new collection with is payment in and of itself sometimes. But with that fact a model has to learn to become an smart and effecient shopper. I can’t tell you how many people I have seen just go out and buy a piece of clothing to buy it with no real thought or plans for it in mind. Let me explain. When shopping for a new outfit it’s always a good idea to have a style or specific look in mind. This is also a tip that’s reinforced by a fashion Icon and legend in RL life such as Tim Gun so why not let that apply to Second Life?

If you find a piece that you love get some shoes, accessories, or make sure you already have pieces that can compliment the item you’re eyeing. It’s better to have one fully stylized outfit where the pieces match up perfectly than several mismatching pieces that you just happened to fall in love with on a shopping trip. If you see some gold shoes make sure you have the pants or skirt to go with it, or anything else for that matter. This allows you to get the most bang for your buck and you’re not left wasting it on something you’ll not be able to wear with anything in your current wardrobe! Another tip is shop responsibly! It may sound like a hassel but don’t just settle for something, find that PERFECT item, pose, outfit, etc. Make sure to allow yourself enough time to shop around, usually a full day depending on your graphics card and how fast your computer runs (you’ll end up lagging out and spending about half of the day just trying to move around and rez things in the store not to mention planning for distractions).

Another good thing for models is to stay organized! I was listening to a group chat recently when someone asked for help and it inspired me to write to you- our readers- to help you out as well. Organization is probably one of the most important things of modeling and it is sadly overlooked. You start buying so many items and get so busy between practices, classes, runway shows, photo shoots, friends, family, etc that you sometimes forget to take the time to maintain your inventory and you soon find it in a shambles unable to find anything. Of course there’s always the filter and search feature which has saved my behind more than a few hundred times but why not take the extra time to develop some good organizational habits? This is not only something for second life but can help you in your real as well. Here are a few basic tips I’ve found has helped me out a lot.

  1. Categorize your LMs either in folders or in Notecards. I perfer to do it in notecards and label them Poses, Women’s clothing, Hair, Men’s clothing (for my male friends), Photography, Agencies, Designers, etc. I use notecards primarily because it lessens the number of items in my inventory which would not happen with folders. so instead of having 100 LMs crowding my inventory I have only 6-8 notecards instead.
  2. Take the time to Organize  your clothing. I have so many folders and categories that it’s amazing. I do try to keep it as simple but conscise as possible. I like to have folders and sub folders to further divide things up so that I’m not stuck scrolling through an endless parade of items.
  3. Delete your freebies. This saved me so much time you will just never know! I hated scrolling through the hundreds of freebies from my old days so I sat down and dug in one day to get rid of every freebie I’ve ever owned.
  4. Take a Spring cleaning day. Plan a full day to sit down in a quiet corner- no interruptions- in a sandbox or your own home and go through every item in your inventory. If you don’t ever plan on wearing something, delete it. Take a look at your objects folder, lost and found, trash, etc and go from the bottom to the top. (oldest to newest)
  5. There are also gadgets in second life that are reported to help organize your inventory. One such item would be HippoInven. I’m not sure about this as I have never tried it and it seems a bit too complicated for me to even want to attempt it. [laughs] but if you have no problem with the technology side of things then this may be for you.

I hope that these tips and tricks come in handy for everyone out there looking to find easier and more efficient ways to maintain their inventory as well as those that wish to learn better shopping techniques and methods to get the best value for the money.

Be sure to visit us in-world at MPI Model Management.

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