FAQ's….My Answers (continued)

25 Sep

4. I want to join an academy to get formal training but how do I make sure that they are not a scam that will run off with my money?

Gawd that’s the worst. There are so many scams in SL because everyone wants a quick buck and it’s hard to know the legitimate companies out there but it’s not impossible! If you have a school or schools in mind be sure to drop by their location to check out the grounds. Take a look at their application (don’t fill it out yet) and the classes they are offering and the topics that it covers. Talk to the owners and/or instructors about the course and how intensive it is, how does the scheduling go, do they have any post graduate help, etc. Another good idea is to ask for a few alumni of their academy and/or current students to get their take on things and their experience with it. Agency Report is also a great resource tool to see reviews of that school or program to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

5. I’m looking for an agency to sign with, how do I know what to look for or which ones are the right ones to join?

This is actually a very simply answered question albeit a long one. As I said above talk to the staff and models that are signed with that agency. Take a look at Agency Report to get reviews, things can be quite revealing on that site and it’s a gold mine of information. Be sure to check out how long they have been open but also how active they have been. What have they done recently- shows that they have put on, jobs that they have gotten models, etc. Visit their agency in-world to take a look around- a lot can be said to how much care is put into their building and location.

6. Do models make a lot of money in SL?

Hmm…how best to answer this question of yours…How about I get all the rest of the models to say it with me: No Way in Hell! You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it for those in the back with cotton in their ears, you will not make a ton of money being a model in second life- it’s a fact of life. Whether you get paid in L or items depends on the agency and their budget and revenue. It can take quite a bit to run an agency- paying staff, tier fees, advertising, (maybe models). And well established models will tell you that you can get paid anywhere from 0 (the outfits that you wear) to 1K per show, photo shoot, or in-store modeling.

7. Why do we need tons of skin to be a good model?

I’m assuming that if you asked this question then you are REALLY to not only this industry but SL as well. If you haven’t noticed by now, skin in SL comes in varying shades and make up options- facial hair for men- so you have to choose several skins to get a variety of make up to fit the outfits that you wear. For instance, you do not want to wear a sunny yellow dress with a pale-as-computer-paper goth skin. That may be your every day look but it won’t work for that particular outfit so you have to change things up. It’s just like wearing your hair up with an elegant gown- it accentuates the design you’re wearing. So it’s necessary to have at least 5 skins in your inventory 10 to 20 is better. But we all know how expensive those things can be so buy wisely and I suggest buying ones that you can use for many different outfits and save the eccentric looks for later when you actually need them if you are on a budget.

7. Is there really a big deal with using AO poses and static poses on the runway?

Okay…Ao poses are cute for the runway but bad for photos which is why a lot of models choose to use static poses instead. There are always photographers at runway shows snapping pictures so you don’t want to get caught in the middle of your AO pose doing something very awkward that ruins the photo. I tend to use AO poses rarely or very discreetly, choosing posses with a lot of time between transitions. My advice is: Choose wisely!

Well I hope that these questions have cleared up a few misconceptions for those that are looking to be a model or had some confusion over this industry or even how to begin their career. I wish you all the best of luck!

Be sure to visit us in-world at MPI Model Management.

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