Your Frequently Asked Questions….My Answers!

25 Sep

Well I’ve been getting a lot of questions for people that are looking to get into this industry and even heard a few horror stories that would’ve put me off of modeling for life if I had been in that person’s jimmy choo’s! It’s so hard to know what’s real and what’s not in second life when you’re just starting out so I’m going to answer a few questions that I know many have asked time and time again.

1.  I want to be a model so badly but I don’t have any L to get a high quality skin or clothes. What should I do?

That can be a tough one and has many possible answers really. You’re not going to get by in the professional world of modeling off of freebies- sorry it’s a fact. You will have to spend lindens and if you are wary of purchasing lindens through market exchange then the only other option is to get an SL job. Now as a new second life resident the pickings for jobs are slim as some places only allow you to apply if you are a certain age- been in sl for X of days/weeks/months. But there are those that don’t require  it so you might want to check out the classifieds for more information. Now while you may not reach any top of the food chains with freebies it is a great way to start so you’re not walking around in an avatar that you got on your rez day. Get a modifiable skin (if it’s copy even better) and start experiementing with your look. Make it your own!

2. I have the shape and clothes now how do I get a job as a model??

Another question with several possible avenues to explore. There are different types of jobs out there for models such as print, runway and live/in-store modeling, or commercial/television. The easiest would probably be an in-store model and it’s not a very hard job. I think a few good models started off this way. It’s a great way to get clothes and extra cash. Another way is to sign with an agency. This can sometimes be expensive depending on your budget but it’s definitely a perferred method for many models. Being represented sends a message to all designers that you are serious about your work and aspirations in this field. Agencies usually send out notices on contests, set up fashion shows, castings, job opportunities with various designers, etc. so it is definitely something you may want to look into.

3. Modeling Academies are so expensive! Do I really need it?!

Formal training is not neccessarily required but it’s definitely perferred by agencies that you sign with. Some agencies- like MPI Model Management- actually provide training for their signed models once they are accepted into the agency and cannot accept work or begin working officially until they meet the specified requirements of that particular agency. Having an academy name in your resume is nice and adds to the prestige of things but no it’s not neccessary. Most of what I have learned has been outside of the classroom from actually doing it and speaking with others. If you are not up to investing into academy training feel free to drop by the Model Workshops- free weekly seminars for models and aspiring models where the industry, tips, information, news is discussed or lectures given by the established working models and agency owners- to get information and to learn more on this career. Attend fashion shows, read SL fashion magazines to stay abreast on the news within the fashion world. Also join the Best of SL readers group and Starwalkers- two awesome groups for anyone that wishes to make it here.

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