Omg! That's Audacious!!

27 Sep

AudaciousWell I recently rejoined Fashion consolidated at the behest of a friend of mine when they sent me some information on a new and upcoming designer and store that was having a special for the group memebers. It all interested me so I went to take a look- gift card in hand. I really didn’t go to the store expecting much to be honest as I can be a bit wary of new designers and the quality of their designs. I’ve become a bit of a snob when it comes to the clothes I wear I’ll admit it sadly enough. But I was pleasantly surprised and nearly attacked the store for the designs! There were a few that I didn’t interest me over much but I came across a few sexy dresses and a lingerie piece. As I had just come back from Blacklace I was on a mission to upgrade and add to my meager collection of lingerie and bought the first one that caught my attention and eyes- not that I didn’t consider carefully from the several selections available [I’m not an idiot!]

I was sad to see that the store didn’t have a lot of selections, not that it wasn’t bare- far from it! One could tell upon entering that it was a new and upcoming store- new kid on the block in other words- and was getting their name out there. But I was not disappointed and I can assure you that you will not be either. I look forward to seeing what more this designer has up her sleeve for her customers because I’ll be one of the first lining up to get a piece of the action!!! This set gave me the feel of being part ballerina and part vixen [Laughs and Grins]- certainly an interesting image and mix to say the least. And yes, again I chose red for this particular selection. I figure if I’m going to wear something sexy I might as well make it the color of passion! Keep a look out for this designer as she prepares to take the fashion world by storm!

Be sure to join us in-world at MPI Model Management.

Outfit: Cutey Red by Audacious Designs

Shoes: Crimson Double strapped Heels by ETD

Hair: Kenesi- Honey Truth

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