Sensual & Sophisticated

27 Sep

Diva Red Satin & Lace (Blacklace);Black Knotted & Long beads necklace (Bonita's Jewelry); EarthStones Timeless Pear Earrings (EarthStones Jewelry); Kensei-Honey (Truth)

Everyone who is anyone has heard those words that make every female light up with shopping lust and men just sigh and light up with plain old lust. [laughs] I recently won a contest and received a gift card and couldn’t wait to use it! Unfortunately I could only afford one outfit- I know, such injustice! I was standing in that store for over an hour switching my cam between every item about to blow up from the overload of all the beautiful lingerie lining the walls but gladly for me I made it out of the store alive and with a wonderful purchase that I’m ecstatic to share with everyone tonight. Blacklace’s Red Satin & Lace Diva set caught my eye almost immediately when I saw it. After much debate I knew that I just couldn’t pass up such a juicy morsel.

I absolutely adore red. Something about the passion and heated emotions that it brings out in me just draws me right in and I would have an entire wardrobe in nothing but red if it didn’t send me to the nut house! [Grins]

It took me a bit of shopping on Xstreet but I finally found a set of pearls [Black Knotted & Long beads necklace] that fit my style and the look I had been aiming for perfectly. It gave a bit of class and sophistication with such a sensual and luscious outfit. The cincher of the outfit hugged my curves so lovingly and set off my figure to perfection, outlining it well. I completed the look with a pair of earrings [Timeless Pear Earrings] from Earthstones Jewelry. It was so difficult to just choose one piece of jewelry for this particular set because there are so many possibilities that can be reached. A nice pearl choker with long hair over the shoulder or a beautifully crafted updo can make it equally luxurious. I chose a short cut for my hair style to show off the beautiful pearls adorning my ears.

Lingerie is something that we all overlook sometimes in SL I believe, especially if one might be single such as myself. You ask yourself, what’s the point if you don’t intend to ever really do anything or have no plans to do so? And unlike in real it’s hardly ever possible to wear such lingerie under our normal casual clothes or dresses so you can’t even brag [guess what I’m wearing underneath this dress!]. But it’s something that I believe should be used a lot more often, single or not! Heck walk around your apartment in lingerie if you want to get your money’s worth! But if you don’t have a great set in your inventory then I advise you to run- not walk- to your nearest boutique and get yourself some!

Be sure to visit us in-world at MPI Model Management.


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