Scare me to Hell- Raven's Night Out

19 Oct

Raven1Well it’s coming to become that time of year again where the goblins and anything that goes bump in the night starts to surface and make it’s way out in the open to scare the living daylights out of all the normal folks. I’ve been working hard and scouring the streets of Second Life for great costumes that will be sure to fit those interested in all styles from the classy and sophisticated to the truly frightening and no-holds barred oogy-boogies! You can be sure that this will not be the last halloween post that I make this month so make sure to check back on a daily basis for updates. I’m always trying to work hard in getting the information and new goodies out to all you shopaholics!

Now you may  or may not be wondering where in the world I’ve been! No I have not been hiding out under a rock but spending hours upon hours in stores- mostly trying to make the textures rez so that I may actually see the outfit to buy it- and come up with amazing stories and information for all you lovely readers! Recently a friend of mine- very close and frightening friend I might add- decided to join an Dark RP SIM and asked me to join up and help them out. After a long retirement I decided to make another appearance and to break out some of my characters but after a bit of thought I had changed my mine- a regular occurrence with me as many of my pals will be sure to mention. [grins] I had to bring something new to the table and start fresh so as to get a great storyline going and what does every successful character and actress need besides a wonderful location and great emoting skills? A wardrobe! As I was looking for a great gothic outfit one practically fell into my lap and boy am I glad it did!

Raven2I soon learned that AVid had just released some awesome new pieces and if you haven’t visited this fine store I encourage all those that are into alternative fashions to take a quick peek at their outfits seeing as they have great pieces for men and women- outfits, accessories, and skins. Now with any new release notice I always check the notecard before I decide to hit the shop and the one outfit that got my immediate attention was their Raven gothic outfit. I will say that they tend to be a bit pricey but with the fact that they include an entire outfit from accessories and shoes along with the high detailed outfit that it’s completely worth it!

Now I’m ready to begin my new life and Tala- my character- is ready to take on the action in this outfit of an avenging angel and I’m going to look sexy, sweet, yet refined in doing so that no man, woman or child dare defy my will!

Eyes: Adam-N-Eve – Almond Eyes

Hair: Deviant Kitties – Anette Black

Skin: Deviant Kitties – [Charm] Quin – Monochrome

Outfit: AVid Gothic Clothing – The Raven

Stay tuned for more Halloween Release stories and be sure to visit us in-world at MPI Model Management!


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