Lovin' This Fashion Exile

26 Oct

DROWWell it’s a day closer to Halloween and as you look around and go about your business you begin to see spooky and eerily smiling ghosts, jack-o-lanterns and emaciated skeletons peeking at you from behind half closed doors, neighboring lawns, or store window fronts. The children begin to prepare their bellies for a night of gorging on their trick-or-treat candy or TPing the teachers’ houses. It’s also when designers begin to dig deep within themselves for the ghoulies within as they present new designs for you to enjoy. It’s a time of celebration and fun where being an ugly duckling is the “IT” thing and it’s time to take your crown on this momentous day.

So I was searching high and low for some great quality costumes around the grid and I know what some of you may be thinking- isn’t every designer coming out with outfits so how hard can it really be to find just one??  Well let me tell you that it wasn’t easy. I’ve always been a stickler for quality but also for purchasing things that I plan on using in the coming future some day. I was looking to stock up on some new hair when I came across Exile’s costume section on the second floor of their store. The costumes were a bit typical with the toga, ice goddess, London punk, or thief. But when I came across this particular outfit- their Eve costume it suddenly gave me an idea to come up with a Elven Drow character. This is a race on SL that has not gotten a lot of press or review in the fashion industry. Elves are notorious for being secretive and hiding in the darkest recesses of the forest from prying human eyes and it seems to be no difference here within second life. They can be a secretive lot and hide from the camera quite well but I was certainly not afraid of the spotlight and decided to share this decidedly interesting and beautiful style with everyone.

DROW2Elves are naturally forest creatures in tune with nature which makes this “Adam & Eve” costume perfect for those that are looking to make an extra special look guaranteed to push you over the edge when you hit the streets with your friends or the kids in search for houses to hit up for midnight candy. The outfit fit perfectly around my body and it came with several wonderful options of designs for the flowers. It was modest yet provocative and natural that set off the skin just right. I was lucky enough to find some great elf ears that fit the theme with leaves curling around the edges and small blue flower earrings set in the rim of the ears. Looking at this outfit it’s no wonder that Adam decided to eat that apple and spiral his way into sin. Do you think you could resist the temptation?

Hair: Exile – Single Fox – Greystone
Skin – Paulinha Sands – demonika
Eyes – Paulinha Sands – devilyn 1
Costume – Exile – Eve
Accesories – ElfPyre – Grove Ears


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