All Hallows Eve…

29 Oct

It’s counting down and I’m going to be bringing you nothing but Halloween goodies until the big day to make sure that you have the perfect outfit and custom for All Hallows Eve! It’s going to be a night to revel in and enjoy to the fullest while letting your darkest desires reign free and I for one can’t wait to let my little devil out to play. [Grins]

RFyre - Cake or Death - CrimsonI was sitting at home when I heard some fabulous news from RFyre and their hot new Halloween sale madness and just had to pop over for a peek at what they had. As anyone that has read any of my previous posts, you know that I like to think of myself as a budget fashionista and love to get clothes at a discount of a price. Something about getting designer clothing pieces for half the cost while the rest of the world ran out like fools to get it the minute it came out at an costly price. A few of the items weren’t really up to my taste but I came across a few other pieces that immediately caught my eye. Now I’m not one that is into period pieces overly much or in the role-play aspect of it. Hell even the thought of wearing a huge ball gown makes me itch and cringe at the lag disaster I know it can turn out to be.

But this gown immediately made me want to have it and I believe that’s a great quality for any outfit to have, especially coupled with the advertisement of it. Now the gown is called “Cake or Death- Crimson” and for some reason it reminded me of a hilarious comedian by the name of Eddie Lizard and one of his stand up shows. It also brought to mind Marie Antoinette, which I’m sure was their aim. The outfit comes with everything you need including some marvelously detailed period crimson ankle boots except a much needed pair of earrings and maybe a nice pearl ring. They also have the dress in black for those that would like to go a bit more gothic and brooding.


RFyre - Gothic Doll 1Now another outfit that made me tag it and bag it was a cute little doll number that matched the living doll skin I had perfectly. It had a bit of dark and brooding sass and playfulness to it that I loved. Instead of the overly used black they decided to throw in a splash of bold color through the stripes and a cute collar and some strapped shoes. I decided to dress it up a bit more to make it pop with a really bold hairstyle by Nikita Fride, a designer that has fabulous bold creations perfect for the Halloween season if you are interested in skins or hair to match that awesome new dress you got. Overall it was a fabulously successful hunt and I’m so glad that I decided to get up off my laurel and hit the shops! Happy Halloween hunting everyone!!


First Outfit

Hair: red Queen – Hush – Onyx

Skin: SOUL Skin – Tiffany

Outfit: RFyre – Cake or Death – Crimson


Second Outfit

Hair: Nikita Fride – Hat Hair Clip – Ice

Skin: Deviant Kitties – Living Doll Skin

Eyes: Deviant Kitties – Doll Eyes

Outfit: RFyre – Goth Doll 1



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