A Day at Zombieland…How fun!

30 Oct

Goulie2Well yesterday you heard of my harrowing tale with those women that could model for women on steroids but today I wanted to talk about another journey I had while visiting zombieland. Well it’s not really zombieland as one would know it but it certainly was an interesting vacation that’s for sure. As you can see by my pictures, it’s taking me a while to heal from the wounds and so have been out of commission on any modeling jobs or fashion shows. [sniffles sadly as she thinks about her dwindling career before squealing as one of her eyeballs pop out and hang down her face. She starts emitting tiny squeaks and chants of “ew”, “gross”, and “oh my god!” as she valiantly tries to stuff it back in the socket without getting too much eyeball juice on her fingers.]

Okay…well…it seems that you are all lucky enough to see me in a new light! But as I was saying I had gotten an invitation to check out Bailers Outfitters and their new Halloween attraction. They promised that it would be scary beyond belief and to bring a few of my friends in case I passed out from the shock. Needless to say I’m one that likes to live dangerously and decided to brave the untested waters and haunted lands by my lonesome and I’m glad to say that I’m still standing. It seems when you first teleport in you end up at the mainstore and will have to walk down the stairs to the UFO sighting to get to the truly spooky part of the attraction. Beware of that staircase! That fall could be a killer! Fortunately I had duct tape and reinforced staples holding me together so I didn’t have to worry overmuch. [Grins]

Goulie3There were a few people shrieking and crying as the zombies chased them around the graveyard. It seems looking like Freddy Krugar’s construction paper project can open a lot of doors for you and keep your butt alive in some pretty sticky situations! It seemed like my look became my automatic pass and I was taking full advantage of it, sitting down at the local Bait & Burgers shop as I watched the ghosts and ghoulies scare the residents. I have to say that despite the disgusting and misleading name they had some awesome rare meat which is something I normally stay away from considering the calories but as I said- I like to live dangerously!




Now even looking like death personified I had to dress up for the occassion and what better way than to go through my gothic dresses and outfits. This is one of those times of the year that you get to go all out and pretty is just overrated and disdained. It’s time for the ugly ducklings to take back their crown for one week of the year and rock it out! The outfit I decided to don tonight was a cute little sassy number by She Wants Revenge. I will note that there have been a few rumors about this particular designer but as I do not have all the facts I’m not going to be one to speculate and instead just enjoy! I think the red of the dress really brought out the blood seeping from my stitched wounds don’t you? [smiles sweetly]

Be sure to join the Starwalkers and Best of SL groups for more information on upcoming attractions for the coming Halloween night. It’s a great way to get out with your friends and enjoy all the scary ghoulies!

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