DMG Creative Look of the Month

30 Oct

Well another contest for all your super Top Models. This one is for both men and women so be sure to take a peek at it guys!

DMG Creations caters to both men and women from casual wear to formal wears providing you quality clothing you can afford. In lieu with this the company is holding a monthly contest called MR and MS. Creative Look of the Month.

1.) Teleport to our store at Plush Genesis

2.) Purchase a minimum of one outfit.

3.) Have your picture taken wearing that outfit. Name your PIC “DMG Creative Look(your name)”.

4.) You can have several pictures taken but wearing different outfits. ( All clothes should come from the store).Pls do not send pics wearing the same outfit.(Remember you may only submit one picture submitting many pics is just an option).NOTE: If you will submit several entries better to put it in a notecard.

5.) Since some of the clothes are Unisex you can mix and match.

6.) This is not a photography contest. We are after your creativity in styling the outfit you are wearing. ( You will be judged on how you carry our clothes and how u make yourself shine and the outfit standout)

7.) You can accessorize with hair, jewelry and shoes.

8.) This is a non voting contest. Pictures will be sent to judges in a Look book which you will have a copy so you know whom you are competing with and the top 20 will be posted in our website and the top 10 will be featured in our E-Style Magazine.

What you will get out of this contest:

9.) we will have 2 winners( a winner and a runner up).

12.) Winners will receive the following benefits and opportunities:

first place:
– 1000L$
– He/she will have the title “Creative Look of the Month”
– he/she will be our Magazine cover for the next issue of E-Style Magazine.
– he/she will be the stores print/catalog model for the month (which is a paid position)
– An outfit of her choice from DMG creations(excluding fat packs)

runner up:
– he /she will be the stores print/catalog model for the month (which is a paid position)
-he/she will be E-Style’s featured model for next issue.
-An outfit of her choice from DMG creations
(excluding fat packs)

NOTE: Submit a full perm picture 1024×1024 to DOCSEREE MISTWALKER on or before Nov15th. Deadline of entries 6pm Nov 15th.

CONTESTANTS DO NOT FORGET TO JOIN OUR GROUP. All updates and announcement will be coursed through group notices. Once your entry is accepted you will have the title “Creative Look Finalist” so if you don’t get the tag that means your entry was lost in my inventory. So be sure to name it properly.

Docseree Mistwalker
DMG Creations CEO
E-Style Fashion Magazine Chief Editor


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