Keeping you In-The-Know: What's Coming…

20 Nov

As you have seen our website has grown along with the agency and improved over time with the collaboration of many great blog contributors and fashion bloggers. I have to applaud their diligence in keeping you- our readers- informed of upcoming events within the fashion industry at large and our own ModelPages Agency and organization. We are here to help improve your lives and make sure that you are always kept up to date with the latest and greatest news within second life.

As with anything we are constantly growing and evolving and are taking the next steps in our evolution by providing you with insider interviews with the latest and hottest upcoming designers within the second life fashion world. There are so many wonderful styles and designers that we cannot do them ALL justice but we plan to make a start. You can look forward to in-depth designer interviews to get to understand them as people as well as where they derive their inspiration? Ever wonder how they do what they do? Want to know what they are thinking when they design new pieces for you? Interested in getting to know the person behind the sewing machine? Then this is something you will want to keep updated on and continually check back because we will be bringing you all of this and oh so much more!

Not only will we be getting inside the minds of those fabulous designers and learning about their newest pieces on the market but we will also be coming out with a weekly photo contest for the models of MPI Model Management. This contest is not dependent on votes but will be judged on your sense of style, posing technique, photo translation, and the overall creativity of your look and photo. This will be open to trainees and certified models alike, male or female. What do you receive in return for winning this contest you may be wondering? Well the winner will get their winning photo posted on the website along with an interview to be read by all! It will be an excellent way to gain exposure and keep your photo skills honed and sharpened- not to mention adding to your portfolio. More details will be brought to you soon but please be sure to keep a look out for this in the notices as well as the website.

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