Runway Rockstar

20 Nov

Now I have to wonder who doesn’t want to be a Rockstar in this day and age? I would think that even the most hardcore bookworm has fantasies of standing in front of an adoring crowd as millions scream his/her name with piercing shrieks of wanting and unrequited love. I know that I’ve had these feelings and dreams a time or two myself- even going so far as to manifest itself physically when I’m standing on top of my bed holding a hairbrush as my loose curls whip across my face while I attempt to give myself whiplash and lip singing to the latest jams. [Frowns at the reader] Hey I’m sure you’ve done something similar as well so stop that snickering over there! But unfortunately unlike the real rockstars I was left stranded on the street without a ride after my buddies forgot me and headed back home. How they didn’t know I wasn’t in the car is anyone’s guess but there it is folks. You can be sure that even though I was without a car and only had 1L to my name I was rocking that roadside curb as I tried to  hitch a ride back south.


As a model I get a bit of that fame and glory even if sometimes I don’t even realize it or can’t fully appreciate it with all the work I have to do constantly that overrides that feeling of joy and exalt at times. It’s been getting a bit chilly lately as the winter season crawls upon us and turns our blood to ice but I wasn’t feeling a thing with my new faux fur coat from Aoharu. It is definitely bound to keep you warm and stylish in even those most frigid of temperatures. Unfortunately for me I had decided to go with a stylish and daring short over the eye sweep cut from MADesigns and my neck was feeling a bit of the wind’s bite. I was never one for the whole flashy and ostentatious look so I decided to go with the Glam Goddess Rocker rather than the all out wild child rocker. It’s a look anyone can pull off- staying casual yet stylish and up-t0-date in this nice cool piece. Who says you have to be all flash and glitter to rock it out?

Skin: Soul Skins – Tiffany 03 Female Skin

Eyes: Adam-n-Eve – Almond Eyes

Hair: MADesigns – Jude Expresso

Jacket: AOHARU – BT Fur Coat – Black

Pants: Detour – Vice Jeans 03

Shirt: Detour – Belly Tank top/Print 16/Splat

Shoes: Armidi Gisaci – Oxford Leather Ankle Boots

Jewelry: Armidi – Niama Necklace – Silver


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