Miss Fashion 2010

04 Jan

Miss Fashion 2010 is a contest that has, as main characters, fashion and beauty. Only female designers and professional female models that have attended an academy or have runway experience can join this contest.
Designers, photographers, models and people working in the fashion industry can join as sponsors and judges.
To follow, you will find all the details about the people involved in the contest, how it works and what will be asked to the lands that want to host the event:



Models: 500$L (they will be given back in case you will not be among the 30 chosen contestants, but if you will decide to quit on your own, they will not)
Designers: 1000$L


1) The contest will have two models for each designers. There will therefore be formed teams made of 3 people.

2) The designer will be part of the contest if at least one of his/her models will make it to the final part.

3) The designer will give to the models 1 dress for the official picture of the contest, 1 dress for the fashion show and one exclusive dress for the final part of the event (just if the model passes the first phases of the contest).

4) The outfits must be given to the models a week earlier the event, as well as a full perm logo and a brief description of the brand to Katiuscia Vollmar, together with the description and the pictures of the outfit involved in the show, all in both Italian and English (for not Italian designers, just English will be fine) or you will be disqualified from the contest.

5) Only elegant, cocktail, wedding outfits can be made for the contest (no casuals or lingerie).

6) The outfits for the final part of the contest must be exclusive and created just for the event.

7) It is made of two phases.

8) In the first one, from 1st to 31st December, models must send a folder renamed “Miss Fashion 2010 – name and last name” with, inside, a full model curriculum, two headshots and two full body shots; only one headshot and one bodyshot can be edited with photoshop, while the other two must be natural, untouched and unedited.

9) The folder must be sent to Katiuscia Vollmar without further messages, together with the joining fee. Only the applications following the instructions will be considered.

10) From 31st december, only 30 models will be chosen; they will go on in their selection thanks to a jury made of models, stylists, photographers and journalists.

11) Designers can say if they have preferences on the models they want to have in their team, and once the 30 contestants will be chose, all the designers requests will be considered in a chronological order to avoid arguments (of course they should be requested by notecard).

12) If there are no particular requests, Katiuscia Vollmar will assign two models to each designer.

13) 15 designers can join the contest, and in case a bigger number of designers will express their willing to join, Katiuscia Vollmar will go to their mainstore and select the 15 ones she thinks are more suitable for this kind of contest.

14) The 30 girls chosen will be called for a photoshoot; on the picture will appear the brand of the designer she has been assigned to.

15) From this moment on, the second phase starts.

16) The girls wll be divided in 3 groups, 10 girls per event, in this way:

– Wednesday, February the 10th: first 10 contestants (so 5 designers)
– Wednesday, February the 24th: next 10 contestants
– Wednesday, March the 3rd: next 10 contestants
– Wednesday, March the 10th: final part with the 9 contestants that have passed the previous turn.

The girls must attend mandatory reharsals, on monday and tuesday before their own show, and of course must attend the show itself.
During the reharsal, the girls will be showed the walk, and judges will be present; they on monday will judge their discipline, how fast they get the walk, presence; on tuesday they will evaluate models, giving marks basing on:

1) matchings made to the outfits (hair, shoes, nails, lashes, skin)

2) Proportioned shape (Shape can’t be modified during the contest)

3) poses used for a certain dress

4) fitting of the outfit to their shape (the designers will have the duty to give to the models a dress suitable to their shapes)

5) quality of the outfits (texture, prims, details and characteristics)
On wednesday evening the girls will walk on the catwalk accompanied by a streaming presentation in italian, and a written presentation in english.
The judges will evaluate the last thing requested:

6) Ability of the model to move on the catwalk, pose change and presence/beauty (this will be, unlike the others, a subjective vote of the judge).

The judges will give a mark that goes from 5 to 10 for each point described above; the jury president will have the votes of everyone, will make a media of the votes and will say at the end of the show, the votes given to each girl, nominating then the 3 contestants that will pass to the final part of the event on March, the 10th.

The pictures of the weekly contestants will be uploaded on and can be voted from thursday to tuesday on the website once you have signed in; only votes coming from avatars created before November the 15th, 2009 will be considered, and they also should be active inside pixelook, so at least creating a blog and make friends to show they are not fake but active. The votes will be evaluated and controlled, and the girl that will have more votes during the week will not be judged during the phases of the fashion show and will directly make it to the final part (it is anyway compulsory their presence at the fashion show, otherwise she will be disqualified).

1st Classified: 50.000$L to the model + 25.000$L to the designer
2nd Classified: for the model, a working contract with the K.V. Dream Fashion Agency that will see her casted for every fashion show organised by the agency, and 5.000$L + for the designer a contract as official sponsor of the K.V. Dream Fashion Agency events for a year and 5.000$L


The sponsors that decide to join as judges will have to give their availability, or the one of a competent person of their choice, to join the three weekly evenings of the contest: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
The judges will sit down in a specific spot, during the shows on Wednesday, and will have in front of them their logo, which will be click-able and will give out a notecard with the description of their job and the landmark of their place.

People who can join as jury:

modeling trainers
people working in the fashion field.

They will be nominated in the presentation as jury only with their name, surname and in case their brand. The joining fee of sponsors/judges is free since we will consider their work as judges corresponding to the fee due in case of sponsorship. The maximum number of judges is 20. All the votes of the judges will be public after the evening, considering the time necessary to write everything on a notecard, and will be posted on
For any questions, the jury must be available for explanations on the votes given, clarifications, and these requests must be sent to Katiuscia Vollmar who will ask the judges implied.

Everything must be done with seriousness and respect, and all votes given basing on acquaintances, unclear ones, or considered not valid will not be counted, and the judge will be disqualified. These decisions will be taken by Katiuscia Vollmar after having consulted all the other judges, who anyway will only be counselors and will not be able to definitely take a decision about it.
The Jury application must be sent within January the 10th, through a notecard sent to Katiuscia Vollmar, and all the requests made after this date will not be accepted.

Designers that join as contestants can’t be in the jury, neither can their managers or their staff. The organizer of the contest will verify this, in case the applicant want to hide it, and once discovered such a thing, the person would be immediately disqualified.


The two official sponsors of the contest will be the only two to be nominated at the beginning and at the end of the fashion show in streaming and through a written script, with a brief presentation that must be sent to Katiuscia Vollmar. Moreover, they will have two displays at the sides of the catwalk, and will be click-able.

These two spots are reserved to:

1) A photographer that will, in change of the free sponsorship, take 30 pics of the contestants, being able to put their logo in the pic; more than this, he/she will take the pics of the outfits that will go to the finale.
Moreover, each photographer must pay 5000l.

2) To each agency or company interested to be nominated during the contest, they must pay 15000l. They will have a place reserved among the audience with their logo next to the seats (it will be the sponsor interest to come to the event with his/her own staff showing the tag).

The application must be sent within January the 20th through a notecard sent to Katiuscia Vollmar. In case of a large number of requests, the sponsor considered more suitable to the event will be chosen.


Also minor sponsors can join; to them there will be assigned a panel that gives information of their own brand along the catwalk. Payment is 5000l.

The application must be sent within January the 20th through a notecard sent to Katiuscia Vollmar. Only 15 sponsors will be chosen; in case of a larger number of requests, only the first fifteen sent in chronological order will be considered.


We need 4 lands that will host the various phases of the contest.
The lands needs to have some characteristics:

1) 2500 prims free to use
2) Capability to contain 100 avatars
3) At least 32000 smq big
4) staff for land’s security

If one of these characteristics is missing, the land won’t be considered as candidate to host the event. The land that wants to host a phase of the event has to give:

1 of the phases: 10.000$L
Final phase: 15.000$L

The entire event will be handled by the staff of the contest. We will need the ability to use the land and the voice on Monday and Tuesday with a space available for 40 avatars; for Wednesday we will need the ability to use the streaming also, to have voice closed in land and to have a space that can contain 100 avatars.

The application of the land must be sent within december the 15th and the payment of the fee must be sent as soon as the deal is set. In case of a large number of applications, only those considered more suitable to join the event will be considered.

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