Lelutka Goodies – Gotta Love it

07 Jan

Now I’m sure that everyone loves to get free goodies from their favorite designers. I mean not only having quality but getting it for no cost to you?? What more can you ask for?! I’m also fairly certain that everyone received a ton of great free items, gifts, great dollarbies, etc. over the christmas and new year holidays. If you didn’t think you weren’t in the right groups and need to get with a friend to fix that asap! Now as a self certified fashionista I love to shop as much as the next girl but even more than shopping I love shopping and finding that bargain! So I was minding my own when what seemed to drop unexpectedly into my lap? These wonderful gifts from lelutka that I just fell in love with the minute I got dressed.

Now I rarely wear gowns except for those special occasions or at a ballroom but these outfits are just so fabulous that I ended up wearing them all through the day! I encourage everyone to join the Lelutka group to get updates and free gifts that are given out periodically. No matter what your style is you can’t deny the quality and sensuality of these gowns. I admit that my favorite of the two is Lelutka- Constricted (first gown) because it gives off that romantic period feel and the corset brings great attention to your waist and adds height and slims you down. The way it nips you in the waist like a lover’s caress just makes it feel luxurious and expensive. The skin I’m wearing was also free from Glance in the Peace On Earth Hunt (ended) but it’ll be back next year so keep on the look out!

Lelutka Ultra Constricted/Romantic (group Gift)
Lelutka Ultra Cylinder Pink (Group gift)
Skin: Glance Adriana Gold (Peace On Earth Hunt)
Hair: Truth Amy Jane (Dollarbie) (1st outfit)
Hair: Truth Dakota Blacks (2nd outfit)
Accessories: Paper Couture Faceted Dark Garnet


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