You are such a PUNK!

08 Jan

Another day and another thousand L spent on some more awesome outfits. Today I was in a pretty casual and punky mood when I went to hang out with my sisters as we celebrated her baby shower for her 9th child. Yes I know what you’re thinking: “Is she from the Brady Bunch??” No she’s just someone that loves being a mother but I digress. I love the classy, high end and chic dresses as much as the next girl- maybe even more so because I don’t wear a lot of dresses in real life. But as I was participating in the Winterchoice 2009 StampCard Event I came across this amazing store and I wanted to be the one to share it with you along with the prize I won.

The pants from NINIKO are probably my favorite pair of the moment- probably the entire month because it’s funky, cute, and comfortable. I decided to go all out in my “I could careless mood” and added some skuffed tartan sneakers from TwentyFIRST from Xstreet. You cannot believe all the great goodies you can find in the popular isle filled with very cheap promo items from quality stores and designers. But with the plaid you know I had to get a nice buttoned white shirt with some suspenders from Naith Smit Designs. It comes in two styles for men and women- black/white shirt and black/white suspenders. I just couldn’t resist with the ciggy. [Grins]

Hair: Magika – Ponyrock – Browns (10L)
Skin: Cyanide – Uma Sunkissed – Kringle (Free- Under the tree @ the store)
Shirt: Naith Smit Design – Fuel for Life – Womens White
Pants: NINIKO – Crease-crease Pants
Shoes: -tF- Grungy Sneakers Tartan (xstreet)
Bracelets: Hermony – Wristband (black) (0L Xstreet)

The wonderful prize that I recieved from NINIKO has become a wonderful and loved addition to my already packed inventory! There are many other prizes you can choose from by a number of great designers so I do encourage you to check it out for more information here!

Be sure to stop in and visit us at MPI Model Management International!


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