Just for the Guys!!!!

11 Jan

Okay. This is basically a complete and utter first for me but I hope that it’s well received by the masses. Let me just say doing this was a bit tougher than I thought it would be but I persevered and rocked these outfits out! So you may be thinking what in the world I’m talking about so let me just clarify. I created my first male avatar for blogging on male outfits and articles. Now I should have probably created an entirely new and different account with a male name instead of using my main account. This would’ve saved me a lot of time and prevented a ton of questions from random people as I went on the Just for guys hunt. I have to say that it was entertaining to see what others said when they saw my avatar. I’m told by my female friends I’m a lot hotter as a male than a female but I’ll let you all be the judge since I’m really much too fond of my female avatar and self to change to a male. [Laughs]

Now as I was saying before I began to digress on my new part time, semi look, I joined the Just for the guys hunt since it promised to have some really nice and high quality things for the guys. I never realized how difficult it was to shop for a man so I have to say that all the male models out there have my utmost respect for you and what you do. But below you will see a few of the items I managed to snap up during my little foraging and explorations and I really hope that all of you enjoy it. It took some time and effort- especially trying to get all those hints- but I am really happy with my findings. Enjoy! If you would like to join the Just for the Guys Hunt, click the Link for the locations and hints.

Skin: Muism – Xavier Wounded (Group Gift)

Hair: Truth – Jared- Dark Brown

Shoes: So Real – Adidas

Accessories (necklace, earrings, bracelet, lip peircing, & Belt): Twisted & Spoiled

First Outfit

Shirt: Vextra Messing Fashion – JFTG Tee ~Kisses

Pants: Fluid Designs – ..::macho::..Black Jean

Second Outfit

Wilson’s High Waist Stone washed blue jeans & Tan sheer shirt

Third Outfit:

WoE Wearhouse Jeans & Kyle Light Grey Tank

Be sure to visit us at MPI Model Management!


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