Gifts Aplenty – G Field

17 Jan

Now I don’t know anyone around second life or even real life that does not enjoy a great and high quality gift from their favorite designers. I know I sure do. But the winter season is still here and I intend to milk it for all it is bloody worth. I can’t deny that the new season is going to be soon upon us but I want to send the winter season off with a bang and really make sure I get my money’s worth. Too many times do I purchase winter season outfits and see them taking up precious space in my inventory as they are never worn or used again until the time comes that I clean out my inventory and suddenly find them.

I know that I’m not the only one that this occurs to but this happens especially often with group gifts that I recieve on a daily basis and never have the time or bother to open and take a look. This is such a shame for those awesome gifts that end up being thrown aside and the talent used to create them goes to waste. But one of my new years resolutions was to change this around and make this a new day. I recently recieved some awesome group gifts from “G Field” and if you have never been here I urge you all to stop by and take a peek at their great designs and amazingly cheap prices that makes a great wardrobe affordable for anyone! I hope that you all enjoy your gifts and know that not all freebies are for noobs! [Winks]

Dress: G Field – Group Gift Holiday Dress

Shoes: G Field – Group Gift Holiday Shoes (first pair) Platform Shoes “Rosette” brown (Subscriber gift)

Hair: Maitreya – Dylan – Black


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