Tres Beau & Model Workshop Presents: Make it Work Feb 2010

22 Jan

Make it Work contest is where we provide some clothing parts to you and you create a fabulous look.  This year the Model Workshop is excited to have Tres Beau as our yearlong sponser.  Kimmera Madison has reached into her extensive inventory of clothing to put together a package of 3 outfits you can mix & match to create your own fabulous look.

To enter, TP to the Tres Beau main store.  Upstairs you’ll find the box for “Make it Work”.  The box is free to purchase.

All entries must be received by January 29th to be valid.

Rules For Entry:

·        You must use 3 items from the “Make it Work” box.  You may mix & match the items.
·        All 3 items must be visible in some way in the photo.  They do not need to be totally visible but we should be able to see them without a microscope
·        You may use your own Shoes, Hair, Skin, Shape, Jewelry and other accessories.
·        You may use other clothes provided that we still see the 3 items from the “Make it Work” box.
·        You may resize the items in the “Make it Work” box but you may not recolor them.
·        Photographs will not be judged on your ability to Photoshop; however, remember to frame the picture so you & the outfit is being sold – not excessive scenery!
·        Only one entry per person.
·        No nudity or sexually explicit photos.  We’re running a fashion contest not Penthouse Pet centerfold.
·        Do not Photoshop your name into the photograph.  It will be removed by the judges before posting.
·        All entries must be sent to Herradura Baar.  She is not a judge – just adds photos to the flickr site

Suggestions on how to win!
We’ve done 3 of these contests and there seems to be some consistencies on who wins the contest and comments from the judges.  Hopefully some of these suggestions will help you to create a winner!
·        Take chances!   Models who have won in the past have gone to great details with creating an image and taking risks with their choice of accessories to add to the photograph.
·        There are 3 outfits in this box – do not feel you need to create a picture using pieces from just one of the outfits.  Mix & match.  We have added outfits with similar colors so they can easily be mixed around to create a brand new outfit.
·        Styling means using some of your stuff too.  As long as we can see 3 items from the outfit we’re fine with whatever else you use.  My motto with styling has always been ‘Think Outside the Box’ – yours should be too!
·        Remember, ultimately you are selling yourself and the outfit you are wearing.  If you’re overwhelmed with background scenery how can we tell if you have a great outfit? Even though we don’t want excessive photoshopping, make sure you crop the photos so you and your outfit is the focus of the photo – not the scenery or the props.

·        January 14th, 2010 – Contest is open!  The entry box is free to all contestants and will be sent out in group notices to all members of Model Workshop and Tres Beau.  Anyone else wanting to enter will need to go to Tres Beau store and pay a small entry fee to purchase the entry box.
·        Janurary 29th, 2010 at 11:59 – All entries must be sent in at this time.
·        February 1st 2010 – Judging opens for contestants.  Judges will be voting in an unbiased manner so that quality of picture is selected and not name of the contestant
·        February 4th 2010 at the 5pm Model Workshop – Finalists will be announced!  Top 10 vote getters will be invited to compete in round #2. (I would highly suggest not tossing out those entry boxes!).
·        February 13th at 9am SL time:  Final round of “Make it Work” held at Tres Beau runway.  Finalists will show off their first outfits and create a new outfit using the remaining parts in the box.  Winner will be based on the votes from the photo contest AND votes from the runway show combined.

❇ Shopping Spree at Tres Beau valued at $10,000L.  2nd & 3rd place will also received gift cards to Tres Beau.
❇ Opportunity to do an upcoming photoshoot for Tres Beau with one of her top winning designs
❇ A Balut Runway HUD with personal instructions on using it from its designer Monica Balut
❇ A scholarship to Maniera Academy, compliments of Topaz Joubert, CEO of Maniera (if you are a pro already give it to someone you love)
❇ A set of poses from Sizzle Poses compliments of creator Lorra Undercroft. (To die for poses)
❇ $5000 Linden Cash Prize (Money is ALWAYS good to have)
❇ $500 Linden gift card to use at Amaranthim Talon’s Talon Faire Store (she does spectacular eyelashes)
❇ $1000 Linden photoshoot and a formal portrait  by IAMHUMAN DESIGN owned by Gregory Susanti ( a big Nave thumbs up)
❇ Hair from Tukinowaguma ( what exactly we’re waiting for an EXACT translation on)
❇ $1200 Gift Card to Studio Nails compliments of Anastasia Magic, CEO & Designer of Studio Nails

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