Shows, outfits, Ora Trei- oh my!

23 Jan

Recently I was in a fashion show located at Fashion Institute and it was a smashing success but I wanted to feature one of the gowns I showed in this post. We had to show four but I decided to just choose one of my favorites! This dress is  called Flavor from Ora Trei and I think everyone should have an appreciation for this designer. When I first received it was hard pressed on how I should stylize this outfit as it was a different style than I was normally used to. But being given such a large range of creative license on this show really allowed us all to get into the spirit and be different, new, exciting and truly unique to ourselves and the designs. Ora Trei is a designer based in originality and creativeness so we all had to do our part to show that side of the themes.

I decided to go a bit for the careless cute chick look and I think it went off pretty well. I had found this wonderful little teal jacket from dela, another of my favorite stores that closely matched the color of the belt to really tie in the color contrasts of the dress and accessories. I’ve been falling more and more in love with the shorter hairstyles as I’m normally one to go for long, down my back type of do’s so this was definitely a change from a normal routine. A messy but stylish short cut really added to the “girly rebellious chick” in me and I loved how it framed my face and elongated my neck by really showing off the jacket.

I decided to add some black boots to tie it all together and found these excellent beauties at SLink for 650 which is a great steal although some would end up disagreeing with me there. I absolutely love boots! They’re cute, sassy, comfortable, wearable, and durable although in second life the last really is a moot point to make but I just loved the buckles along the sides and really wanted to showcase them with the outfit. I decided to top it off with some short fingerless grey gloves- in case I ever decided to enter a biker gang (laughs).


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