How To: Choose Quality Poses

30 Jan

As models we are always looking for those high quality poses and I’m sure the new models hear this quite often. Everyone has their idea of what high quality is- especially in fashion designs. You wouldn’t want something that looked like it was created by a noob with bad fitting, crooked seams, terrible textures, or just plain bland. You really don’t have to be a seasoned model to know what to look for in clothing and designs that’s for certain but with poses the line of quality is not quite as clear and defined to newer models. I’ve had plenty come up to me and ask what a good pose entailed or what they should look for when purchasing one and it shows that not much attention is being paid to this subject besides the minor advice that is handed out but other established models so I’m going to go over and demonstrate what to look for in poses and what to avoid in them. After you read these articles you will find it’s quite simple and you’ll think, “well that should’ve been common sense. Why didn’t I think of that??”

**Note: The photos have not been photoshopped beyond me cropping the photo to fit. I decided to go with simple attire as to really show only the pose.

Avoid Armpit Poses

Why: For one they are not elegant and terrible for a runway. Also, your second life pixel generating program has it’s limitations on what it can do to make your avatar appear natural. Creating a high quality pose where the arm is up above the head is near impossible as it distorts the shoulder joint and makes it look completely unnatural. Also the outfits that you wear do not always have the best seams for the under arms so it’s best not to show those during a fashion show. Something to definitely think about when choosing a pose.

Avoid off balance poses

Why: Some poses may look cute but the only problem they have is that they are off balance and make the model look as if they were about to fall over. It makes the audience feel quite uncomfortable and it’s definitely not something you want the viewers to feel when looking at the outfits that you are featuring.

Avoid Overly posy

Why: I always say if you wouldn’t do that in a real photograph on a real runway then why would you do it in second life. There are some generic “model poses” out there that make it seem as if you are working way to hard to be a model and it doesn’t look cute or comfortable. They should feel and look natural to you and your viewers. People shouldn’t think, “Wow that pose looks way too contrived and unrealistic.”

Avoid Irrelevant Poses

Why: Honestly if you can’t tell what you are doing on the runway it distracts the audience from the outfit. They don’t want to look at you and think, “What in the world is she supposed to be doing with that pose?” There are some that look as if  you are flying a plane and I’ve seen dancers use this and it was in a twirling animation. I almost expected the model to fly up like some kind of weird spinner top. Some poses are used for a certain purpose  so try to figure out what that is. I’m sure many of us have seen these and had those moments where we felt as if we were watching a bad train wreck and just wanted to cringe away in horror. I can’t really find a pose for this but go with your gut instincts on that one. If you flinch when you look at it, then leave it alone.

Avoid Poses that cut up your avatar

There are some poses of when you tilt your body or bend over it cuts your avatar’s middle right in half and leaves a very awkward dent. It’s not pretty and mars the beauty of the outfit you’re wearing.You should have clean, natural lines- gentle bends in the sides or where you move. If it distorts your avatar it will distort the outfit you are featuring.

Avoid Overly animated poses

Why: There are regularly photographers at runway shows and they are always trying to take that great shot. It does not look cute or good when your avatar never stops moving long enough for the photographer to get a nice shot. So what happens when everyone in the show has a photo from the runway show on the agency or designer flickr page but you? Doesn’t feel very good. If you decide to go with animated poses- let’s face it, they are cute and can make a routine a bit more interesting- be sure to look for poses that have smooth transitions and a long enough pause between each pose. If it never stops moving you may want to rethink buying it or using it in your runway walk routine.

Below are a few shops where I have found some very nice poses for reasonable prices. There are definitely more out there so you will need to do some hunting on your own but this is a good place and way to get started.

Torrid Wear

Striking Poses

Reel Expression

Long Awkward Pose

Vista Animation



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