The Red Door's Hottie (Male/Female) Contest

02 Feb


1.      ABIDE BY THE RULES OF THE ENTRY INFORMATION AND CONTEST!  Or you will be disqualified!

2.      Entry fee of $500L paid to Jewel Twine with Folder Entry

3.      1st Round is Photo Entry – You will submit one full body and one headshot 512 X 512 (FULL PERM) each.  Full body photos will be judged on styling, while headshots will judged based on visual appeal of the contestant. Each submission should come complete with a bio and a short paragraph answering the question “How would you represnt The Red Door and should be picked as the 2010 Red Door Hottie”.  Submit FOLDER to Jewel Twine, naming the FOLDER ~ Red Door Hottie Constant – “Your Name” .  Submissions any other way will be immediately disqualified.  Only 10 men & 10 woman will move forward to the second round. *DO NOT EMBED PHOTOS IN NC – EACH PHOTO SHOULD BE NAMED & NUMBERED*

Contestants will be judged on the following and eliminated immediately following the presentation:

Initial Submission

Current Judges:

Mimmi Boa
Breezie Noel
Tia Ryba
Kat Msarko
Tara Voskhod
Winners will be provided with the following:
*       A  portfolio provided by Red Door Photographers;
*       A full wardrobe provide by the Boutiques of The Red Door;
*       10K Lindens
*       Featured in Fierce n Fashion Magazine
*       Used in all Print Ads for Red Door
*       Marketed for Runway & Print
*       Added to the paid Red Door Model Staff

Mimmi Boa, Breezie Noel, Tia Ryba, Kat Msarko & Tara Voskhod
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