The Money Shot: Getting what you pay for in your portfolio

09 Feb

As a model in second life having a good and high quality portfolio is a big part of the business and getting yourself out there to get more work. There have been a huge influx of new photographers on the scene lately if the increase of notices sent out in groups for advertisement is anything to go by. And how are these photographers increasing competing with the older, veteran industry photographers? They are charging so much less! Now the question you really need to ask yourself, is a lower cost going to bring you a great photo or a mediocre one?

Now I’m not going to name any photographers because we all have our personal opinions and tastes on who we prefer and who has the better quality photos. I think that every photographer has their own strong points and has their own level of quality and knowledge in their skills. Now new models may wonder how do they find the good photographers and how do they go about having a successful encounter and end up with a wonderful portfolio? That’s what I’m here to help with.

1. It’s easy to find a photographer on the grid with a little bit of skill and a low price and it’s natural to be hesitant to go with a photographer that charges a higher rate because then you wonder is it truly worth it. But is it worth it to pay and get a photograph that is lower quality than others? It’s not a bad thing to pay for quality. It takes time to discover those great photograhers out there and you will have to do some searching. So check out the classifieds and places in the search tab for photographers or photography. Teleport to the locations and check out their work, rates, what services they offer and whatnot. Take your time and scout them out. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and tired of doing it so you end up rushing. This is definitely the wrong tact to take. I always suggest to new models and even veteran models to have photographers that they like or end up considering for work later on in a notecard in their inventory listing their name, rates, services, and a note or two on what you particularly liked about that photographer to job your memory later on.

2. Now you may wonder how to have a successful photo shoot. You may think, “Well don’t I just have to show up in the outfit, say what type of pose I want and then have them make the shot? Is there really anymore to it?” The answer to that is there definitely is. It’s always good to have a clear visual and idea of the picture you want in your mind’s eye so you can better be able to describe your vision to the photographer. They are a tool to be used and like any tool they can’t work successfully without being directed on what to do. If you give you them a real and clear idea of what you want you’re going to get it. So be sure to IM the photographer and talk to them about what you want, write it down in a notecard and send it to them  (properly named so they can find it) so they can look back on what you want. I always say, be as descriptive as you possibly can to get your point of view across. You want them to be able to see it as clearly as you do.

3. If you do not like it, change it. Now if you did step two properly then you really shouldn’t have a problem with step three. Now for a quick explanation. You are a paying customer and as they always say, “the customer is always right.” and that’s a motto that most businesspersons tend to follow. So if you gave them some direction and are not satisified and feel that you want a change here and there, ask for it it. But be specific. Don’t just say, “Oh I don’t like this.” What don’t  you like about it? What could be changed? What would you rather be changed? You have the right to get your money’s worth.

4. Select versatile outfits and views of your look. Modeling is about variety and being able to fit any role that is thrown your way in a job so mae sure that when you give your portfolio to a client that they are able to see you in a many number of looks, themes, and styles- basically see you in any role.

5. Be sure that your photograph makes sense and the idea you were going for translates off the page. Why would you be laying down in a swimsuit if you really need to be able to see your body and the design of your outfit? Why would you wear a couture gown with an irrelevant background that doesn’t make any sense. The viewer should be able to see that outfit on themselves and understand what it is trying to convey.

6. Choose your poses carefully. People can usually photoshop anything but a truly bad pose is not something you can smudge away. So take consideration of your prims, how you are looking, and if anything is sticking out. You never want to see your hands going inside your body or clothing.

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