Lady Bejewled

26 Mar

From the time that I began modeling within second life I realized a true appreciation for jewelry, and this is coming from a woman that never bothered with jewelry a day in her life except for a necklace or a pair of earrings that I had on handy. I only really ever owned about 5 pair of earrings and two necklaces total- no bracelets or rings or anything like that. And I bet you wonder if they even matched- not one time did I really ever think about matching anything or how it all went together. SL modeling has had such a great effect on how I see the world of fashion in the real world now and how I take care of myself in real as I’m sure the same can be said for many women and men out there reading this now.

Today I was in a chic, sophisticated mood and needed just the right jewelry to set it off. I had heard about the new releases a bit back with Leezu and new that this would be the perfect opportunity to grab them up- high quality high-waisted pants are so hard to find in second life nowadays! Paired with the lovely and breezy belled arm white blouse from DeLa and some cute, sassy heels from Kookie this outfit says it all for the high powered female of the 21st century! You want to look the best, be the best, then you need to dress the best.The skin is my favorite piece of the entire outfit to be honest. It’s quite hard to find great quality skins of colors- not as hard as it was years ago but still difficult and requires a bit of searching around. There’s usually minor flaws that most tend to overlook but I’m a self admitted perfectionist and I doubt that is ever going to change. This skin store is new and steadily growing but as the designer is a friend of mine I was glad to get some peeks at his great skins and even was asked to for any suggestions on improvement so you just may be see some new additions coming to his store soon- keep an eye out!

Hair: Magika – Robin – Black
Shirt: DeLa – Blouse Vivian White
Pants: Leezu – Lea Pants down/black
Shoes: Kookie – Athena Boots
Bracelets & Nails – *[Mandala]TAKARA Bangle/Buddha Cream White
Skin – Changing Facez – E – Joy Skin
Eyes – Poetic Color – evening sky – medium
Eyelashes – *beauty Avatar* REGINA – Eyelashes 04


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