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03 Jun

I know that I’ve been terribly neglectful of our counterparts out there which I deeply apologize for. It seems that fashion is more geared and aimed toward women consumers rather than males and that’s a shame since I know plenty of men that take a lot of time to look good and keep up with trends and stay in style. Fashion is not exclusive to females and I’m here to help those men that may not really have that mindset for fashion or the time to take lessons but really do want to look good. Here are some tips for the average man to keep in mind when shopping for clothes or when getting dressed to begin their day instead of being lazy and staying in the same outfit for weeks on end (yes I’ve seen it and it was so sad).

1. Fit, fit, fit!

Most men will go to extremes- either too tight or too big. If you find clothes that hug your curves but doesn’t squeeze the life out of you then you’ll see a dramatic improvement. If you wear your clothes too tightly then you’ll give off the image that you’re trying to be some tough guy to show off your body way to hard and that annoys everyone around you. If you have clothes that are way too big then it just makes you look sloppy and unkept- not a good way to present yourself.

2. Keep it simple.

You want to look great but that doesn’t mean you have to overdo it to get that effect. That means don’t wear more than two or three pieces of jewelry at one time. Bling is NOT hot and just looks blinding and is for noobs. Layering is great but too much makes you look heavy and the outfit too busy. You can spice up your outfit wearing a striped button down shirt slightly open and a dark blazer with a hat or messy bed-head. A little can go a long way for males.

3. Change your perception of casual.

Times are changing and men are coming to understand the power of casual fashion and how to truly master it so why can’t you? Casual no longer means dressing down in the conventional sense. So take advantage of layering your outfits- add a jacket, sweater, or vest! Take a chance and mix up your wardrobe. There are no truly set in stone rules to fashion but it’s only judged by your fashion eye! Accents are in now so take it to the next level! You can wear almost all black but throw in a hot new color like red, white, blue, etc.

4. Never go shopping by yourself.

You can never really trust a sales associate because they are paid to make you buy the clothing so it’s always good to have a second opinion although you never want it to go against your gut instinct. Ask them about discounts or what will go on sale and before you go shopping be sure to take a look at what is already in your closet and go from there! And let’s not forget accessories as they can add just as much paunch for a guy as any female!

5.  Never underestimate supporting pieces and the power of details.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a scarf or a great watch and hat! They can bring that outfit to the next level!

6. Invest in some quality shoes.

Now I can tell you from experience and from my own point of view as a woman that one of the very first things I notice about a man are what he’s wearing on his feet. You can tell a lot about a guy when you look at his shoes. If you go cheap and low quality it shows that you aren’t really investing that much in your appearance but if you invest in one or two really great looking shoes it really can impress!

7. Brand names don’t mean jack.

Brand names are great if you want to name drop but in the thick of things all they mean is taking more money out of your wallet. Your clothing should suit you, not the other way around and there are tons of clothing out there that look great that cost way less. Also if you’re just buying the brand for no other reason than because you can then it’ll probably end up showing that you are trying way to hard.

8. And undershirt is just that- and undershirt.

One of the things that always annoys me in second life and in real life is seeing a man wear an undershirt like it was any other button down shirt or something. Undershirts are meant to be worn under your clothes to absorb sweat. Wearing an undershirt might be comfortable but it is not cute to wear along with just some jeans no matter how much it shows off your muscles.

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