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10 Jun

Well this is hopefully going to be a new feature of the blog to show off some great shoes and a bit of my opinions and reviews of them and the designs. They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but I could throw diamonds into the Pacific Ocean. Now I’d be hard pressed to pass up a great pair of shoes for a reasonable price and even some unreasonable prices.

The first pair up for review today is Orage Creation’s Melanie Black Leather. I have a true love of prim toed heels and shoes because they are so much more pleasing to the eye but it does make it hard to wear long pants with them with the invisible prim. These lovely pair of heels comes with the option of the invisible layer for the new Second Life Viewer 2.0 as well as other viewers. The price was a little steeper than I normally go for heels but I think it was money well spent considering the design and detail that went into it. The heel also comes with two options of color- black trim or tan trim and a color changing hud which takes some time getting used to and can be a bit complicated.

I also came across some rocking booties from Kookie (Athena Black) which was featured in a past blog of mine but I felt that it deserved an encore. The detailing is exquisite and I love how they can go from punk to sophisticated in a heart beat! The price was also extremely reasonable and I would recommend this heel to any female out there looking to add a bit of pep in their step. I’m a huge fan of Kalnins not only for their amazing quality of design and creativity but also their low prices on shoes! The biggest draw back that I had with this (Coquette) heel was the fact that it wasn’t prim toed and just showed that unsightly foot mesh- hopefully that will be done away with with the 2.0 viewer! The shoe was a little over 600L and what I loved most about it was the ribbon design and the multitude of colors that comes along with it- through a HUD that is set up with presets and an option to change it individually to your personal preference.


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