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27 Jun

SALE ALERT: KC is having an amazing sale on hair so get there fast! 15L per package and 30L for fat packs!

So I wasn’t in the mood to go shopping today- I know it’s an impossible thought but please pick your jaw off of the floor because it happened- so I was digging around in my inventory to see if I could find anything new that I haven’t worn a hundred before. It’s quite funny how in RL we can recycle our clothing every week but in SL it feels weird to wear the same thing twice in our entire Second Lifetime but I guess you can’t argue with facts. So there I was nose deep in old outfits, and prim toed heels when I discovered some things I got from vive9 before they went out of business and had their mega gift giveaway. Before I could take these babies home and really explore my computer decided to have a mild heart attack and I completely forgot about it until this week.

I wanted to see what I could make up with a limited selection of clothing from this designer and I have to say that I’m pretty happy with the end result. It’s great for a casual day with a friend or going out to lunch or dinner with my family and friends but with a bit of sass and cute scatterbrained charm.

Hair: Kitsune Couture – Lacy (Cherry)
Skin: (vive9) – Dakota [light] Flying Renaissance
Shirt: (vive9) – Single TAnk Forest Sporty Shirt
Pants: (vive9) – Legal Attention [abyss] Pants
Jacket: (vive9) – Sig Jacet Burgundy
Boots: Nspire – Royale Kitties [black]
Bracelet: *COCO* – Gem Bracelet (gift)

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