Tutorial: Creating a Quick Quality Model Headshot

26 Jul

If you’re the type that has many different types of looks for every day of the week it’s hard to keep a truly up to date headshot that you use regularly and have to pay  photographers to do it every single time. This can be a major drain on your wallet so I’ve decided to help out those that have very little to no skill in photo editing programs such as photoshop and hope that this helps. This first tutorial will be on how to create a quick quality headshot and you’ll only have to worry about the upload fee. I’ve also included the aspect ratios for uploading for various purposes below this tutorial.

Part 1

Read more by clicking the link!

Part 2

Part 3

Aspect Ratios!

Aspect ratios of profile, place, etc. pictures — all of these were measured at UI size = 1.000:

Search > All for “Classifieds”, “People”, and “Places” – 4:3 (256×192 pixels)
Search > Places and Classified tabs – ~7:5 (398×282 pixels)
Search > Land tab – ~7:5 (358×252 pixels)

Profile > 2nd Life tab – ~4:3 (178×133 pixels)
Profile > Picks tab – 16:9 (288×162 pixels)
Profile > 1st Life tab – 1:1 (133×133 pixels)
Profile > Classifieds tab – ~3:2 (206×137 pixels)
Profile > Web tab – 1:1 (400×400 pixels)

A scrollbar uses 15 pixels on the right-hand side.

About Land > Options tab – ~3:2 (178×117 pixels)

Group Information > General tab’s “Group Insignia” – 1:1 (126×126 pixels)

Some of these textures are shared (for example, Search > All place pages, Search > Places, and About Land > Options use the same image), so you should pick a well-balanced ratio and size.

Maximum texture size – 1024×1024 pixels

All Second Life textures are constrained to powers of 2 (e.g., 128, 256, 512).

Some textures inworld have a resolution as high as 2048×2048; this is due to a previous limit that was higher.
We strongly recommend you use as small textures as possible because larger ones consume more memory and take substantially longer to load.

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