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02 Aug

I’ve found second life can be many things to many people such as entertainment, a getaway, escape, business, a place to create a family and live, learn, laugh, love and make lasting relationships. Throughout all of this living and experiencing all that second life has to offer for those of us in the fashion industry we know that it’s essential to be able to set yourself apart, to be noticed and be different. If you looked like the next person around how could someone look at your avatar and say- there she is! There are several ways to help this along but I’m here to just give you a few tips that will hopefully change the quality of your life and how people recognize YOU!

One of the most important things you should do is set yourself away from the in-crowd. There are tons of great skin out there and top quality and poplar designers but if everyone is getting the same skin and look then how does that make you different? How does that make you unique? The quality of that skin just went down because you’ve conformed to some cookie cutter image that was set out for you. We see skins on ads and some of us try to look exactly like those models in those ads with the same skin and clothing. Bad idea here chickadees. The point is to do something different and make it your own so modify¬† your shape to something where you can look at it and say- yes this is different, unique and beautiful. My advice would be to stay away from store bought shapes altogether because you never know who else could have that shape. If you are dead set on buying one then try to find one that is modifiable so that you can tweak parts of it to make it your own.

Lately designers are really into sets or giving outfits in their packages. While this is wildly convenient it can also work against you. I know I’ve probably said it a ton of times in my previous posts here and there or hinted toward this but it’s true and it bears repeating until it’s seared into your brains. Don’t try to copy a fashion icon or whatever you see that makes you think it’s the “it” thing. That will only make you a follower and to be like that person in the greatest sense of the term is to create a look and style all your own whether it be sophisticated, conservative, eclectic, casual, comfortable, sexy, quirky, or offbeat. Does it take more time and effort to do so? You bet your bottom dollar it does! But it’s going that extra step and really taking some time and effort that sets you apart. Do you think all those top named stylists are where they are and WHO they are because they copied a fashion icon? Nope! They worked their butts off to be different and seen as something apart from the millions of others that call themselves stylists. It’s not as effortless as they make it look and if they made it look like they worked at it they weren’t doing their jobs properly. When you can do something well and make it look like you’re not even trying then you’ve fooled the masses and succeeded in your goal!

Now do I know ALL there is to know about fashion? Heck no! Does anyone? Umm that would be a resounding NO. Fashion is always changing because the whim and opinion of the masses are always changing so the day that someone knows everything about fashion is the day that it’s no longer interesting and unique. This is why I didn’t give any set measurements and points but more of a general outlining that will help you become unique because you never know when those things will change. But I know through the years of what I observed and they seem to stay true no matter the decade. So if you don’t want to take my advice then look at fashion over the years and take a look at the well known stylists, models, or fashion icons and see what they’ve had to say on their style or how they dressed. Did they follow the parade or did they set out to the beat of their own drummer, confident in themselves and their skills? I’ll let you be the judge of that my friends!

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