Oh Em Gee! Platinum Hunt Pt 1 & So much more!

10 Aug

I found a ton of great goodies lately through the Platinum Hunt and also at the dressing room so you’ll be seeing a lot of posts coming up in rapid succession this week. Keep an eye out because I’ll also be posting a few great finds from the Shoe Fair 2010.  Men, I truly truly haven’t forgotten about you. I have something great planned in the works that will allow you to gain exposure for your amazing styling abilities and help other men that need some help with styling as well. So stay tuned! Now if you haven’t heard about the Platinum Hunt, I’m here to get you informed! It’s a grid-wide hunt with some of the hottest brand name designers that have put an item up for the hunt that is over 400L! The hunt items aren’t free (10L) but that’s still something to get excited about. I found some amazing skins and you’ll see my absolute new favorite below. A tip to all you SL hunters out there for the PH: Items are usually within 40 meters of the landing point and unless they specify, it’s going to be on the same level that you land- so no stairs! I’ll have another tip coming up that may help although this hunt was so easy that even I could do it and I really do suck at figuring out hints.

This elf skin was found from Mynerva on the PH and it comes with ears, eyes, eyeliner and several versions of this skin that include the eye band and without. I love the cleavage because one of the things I always lamented about being a model was I lost some of my curves but nice cleavage enhancers bring it all back. Of course as long as it doesn’t look too cartoony.

Now this outfit I didn’t find on the hunt but it’s still blog worthy today because I found these outfits from Bare Rose- one of my all-time favorite stores in second life. I had these outfits for quite a while in my inventory but never got a chance to play with them until a few days ago. Boy I’m glad I found the time!

First Outfit:
Nose Piercing: [ skream! ] “Likes to modify: piercing (Platinum Hunt)
Dress: Son!a Cassandra Emerald (Platinum Hunt)
Skin: Mynerva Platinum Red Lips Black Eyeband (Platinum Hunt)
Eyes: Mynvera SoulHeart Eyes – Ceruleana (Platinum Hunt)
Ears: ~Platinum Drow Ear (Platinum Hunt)
Eyeliner: ~Platinum Drow Eyeliner (Platinum Hunt)
Hair: [Lelutka] Leah2 Hair – Pitch (Not free)
Shoes: [Lelutka] Saffron Pumps (old gift)

Second Outfit:
Skin: Tik Tok – Stella Medium Summer Queen (sol Fair)
Hair: booN – TWA310 Hair Chocolate
Shirt: Bare Rose – Chika (part of) – White
Skirt: Bare Rose – Emi (part of) – pink
Shoes: Miel – Flor Jane Light
Pose by [.DOLL] @ SOL Fair (free)


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