Feel the Rainbow – Bold & Beautiful

17 Apr

Wow. As I write this I feel a little like sleeping beauty or Rip Van Winkle. It’s been so long since I’ve been back to second life and I’ve finally found my bearings again. Due to do some RL complications I had to take a sabbatical so could not do any postings but now that things are a bit calmer I plan to get back into the blogging game. I really agonized over what I wanted to do with my first post upon returning to the website and it took me a few days before I finally found the idea. I was reading through some RL fashion magazines as I’m wont to do during my downtime at work and came across a lot of ideas about color. It was the prevailing theme in the magazines I ran across and it really resonated with me deep inside.

Color is such a wonderful and creative thing and yet a lot of us fear it when interjecting it into our own wardrobe whether it be second life or our first lives. I found that I was guilty of this as well. I love color, especially when I am decorating my houses and dealing with interior design projects although I tend to stay with more earthy tones with pops of color. But in my wardrobe I can sometimes be more conservative with color, afraid that I’ll make a mistep with one risky move and instead of being something revolutionary I create something that is disastrous. It has happened time and time again as I’ve seen with many others and I didn’t want to fall prey to that same beast but I’ve decided to be a bit more daring with color and not fear it as much. I wanted to showcase a few outfits that I found that really display the beauty that color is. You’ll find the others in future posts as I finish processing them but I wanted to start off bold.

A tip for those that may be more afraid of playing with color than others would be to start off small. Play with your accessories and their colors first. Learn to add pops of color here and there to create dynamic looks that work for all sorts of occasions. Once you get more confident try playing around with a piece of clothing at a time- a bright shirt with subdued bottoms or vise-versa. Color is all about experiment and I sometimes laugh when I hear how some people think that females must have some special gene to know how colors go together. We know what looks right and what may look wrong but it’s also a matter of personal taste with a touch of societal and fashion trends that determine the way our style can go. It’s something that everyone has to experiment with constantly  to make it work so do so. If you’re really a color-phobe then check out full outfits that showcase color in a stylish way that appeals to your senses as I did here. Blue and yellow isn’t something I would’ve originally thought to put together in such a bold way but it worked with this outfit so I had to get it. Buying full outfits in this instance is a way to immerse yourself, dipping a toe in the pool, before you decide to take the plunge.

What I loved most about this outfit wasn’t just the colors although they are eye-catching but the design and cut of it itself. I called it my hobo chic and while it’s not something I would classify as an everyday part of my wardrobe the individual pieces themselves could work with any other number of things I have in my inventory which is something I really look for in full outfits- whether they can be deconstructed later to be put into creative use with pre-existing pieces.

Outfit: *{ SeVered GarDeN }* Mina * Blue
Shoes:  AZOURY – Les Bottines Lilium
Hair: TRUTH – Joanna Reds
Skin: [Al Vulo!] – Ninni – Cocoa

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